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Sleeping for 8 hours is nonsense


  The University of California, San Diego School of Pharmacy and the American Cancer Society, spent 6 years on a study of 1 million subjects, found that people who slept six or seven hours a day had a much lower mortality rate than those who slept more than 8 hours or less. .

  8 hours is actually the average sleep time per night, but I don't know when it started, it has become the recommended sleep time. However, the enormous pressure of pursuing an 8-hour sleep is a destructive reaction to our sleep.

  Some people don't need to sleep for 8 hours at all.

  So what unit of sleep should be measured in one unit? The answer given by the author is the sleep cycle,The sleep cycle, as the name suggests, is to divide the sleep time according to the cycle. There are 4 or 5 different stages in a cycle, and a complete sleep cycle is 90 minutes, namely: dozing - light sleep - deep sleep - rapid eye movement sleep.

  A sleep cycle is 90 minutes. In 90 minutes, we will experience several sleep stages of non-eye movement sleep, eye movement sleep, and rapid eye movement sleep. This process is like going down the stairs. We are going down to the deeper floor. Enter deeper and deeper sleep. The initial non-eye-moving sleep is a light-conscious, awkward, shallow sleep. You may wake up when you hear a little movement, and often feel a sudden fall or a wake-up. The next eye movement sleep is a deep sleep that takes a lot of effort to wake you up. Most of the physiological repair functions of sleep are completed at this stage;  In the final stage of rapid eye movement sleep, we are unable to turbulent and dream, and this stage is considered to be conducive to the development of creativity.


    After a cycle of sleep, we will wake up and go to the next sleep cycle, of course we usually do not remember that I have woken up. The advantage of understanding the sleep cycle is that not all people have to use the fixed mode of 8-hour sleep, but can tailor their own sleep program, which is also in line with the modern situation, such as occasional overtime or party.
   For example, if you only slept for 4 cycles on the first day, it seems that you are not enough to sleep, then you can add another cycle, and the same can be reduced. For most of us, 35 sleep cycles a week is enough for normal life. If you have a temporary emergency, you can reduce one cycle, as long as you can achieve regular sleep.

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