Modern design hotel mattress
Luxury design spring mattress
3 zone spring mattress
3 zone hotel spring mattress
Modern design hotel mattress Luxury design spring mattress 3 zone spring mattress 3 zone hotel spring mattress


As a professional mattress manufacturer, Rayson, provides you a good night sleep with its spring mattress. Its product is divided into 4 main categories. Pocket spring mattress, bonnell spring mattress, hotel mattress and roll up mattress etc.

Each with a distinct feel. Whichever collection you choose, you will enjoy the benefits of Rayson mattress.  Rayson mattress will let your body find its most comfortable position and support it there for your best night's sleep.


Rayson, use 100% Eco-friendly raw material for mattress. All raw material strictly control of bonnell spring mattress when delivery to workshop.

Rayson, uses 100% Eco-friendly raw material for mattress. All of the Raw material strictly control of the quality when delivery to workshop.   


Create fresh and comfortable sleep environment


—More than 10 years of experience in manufacturing of mattress and 30 years of experience in innerspring.

—Knitted Fabric: Breathable, Antibacterial and anti-mite, keep the body cool and comfortable around. The fitting curves of the body, seamless support spine, promote blood circulation, enhance the heath index.

—Gel Memory Foam:It is made of space slow rebound material. This material is sensitive to temperature comparison. It can fit the human body according to the change of human body temperature and shape the human body curve. It is perfect combination of spring system.

—High Density Foam: Using real polyurethane materials, the holes are small and uniform, pure sponge feels smooth and smooth, strong support, long-term extrusion is also difficult to deform.

—Spring system: Rayson, all spring made by ourself. Use high manganese steel wire, which spring lifespan guarantee 12 years. Better support of the body weight, uniform stress. keep the spine physiological balance. 



Advanced knitted fabric

Antibacterial anti-mite and smoothly.

Cooling gel memory foam

Effectively reduce about 1.5-2°C of the body's surface temperature.

100% natural latex

Antimicrobial properties and added support.

5 zone pocket spring

Individual support your body for a longer life.

3D spacer fabric

Side fabric are designed to let air circulate throughout.

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Rayson can produce pocket spring mattress, bonnell spring mattress and continuous spring mattress etc.

Here provide you our company news, mattress new design, new pattern, and industry new information. 

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