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The Harmness Of Bad Sleep


  Memory decline

  • Occasionally insomnia may not be felt, but with insomnia from accidental to long-term, patients will slowly feel that their memory is not as good as before, do things without energy, resulting in inefficiency, long-term down will make patients become anxious, irritable, seriously affecting normal life;

Decreased immunity

  • Long-term insomnia patients may have a more profound experience, insomnia will reduce people's immunity, physical fitness is not as good as before. The decline in immunity results in a decline in the body's ability to resist disease. Many insomniacs are susceptible to colds and have adverse health effects.


Take away women's health and beauty

  • Sleep plays an important role in women's beauty and health. Long-term sleep disorders can lead to premature aging, such as gray-yellow complexion, rough skin, dark circles of eyes and wrinkles. In addition, long-term insomnia can lead to fatigue, fatigue, headache, upset, irritability and lack of self-confidence in women.


Seriously affecting the quality of life

  • Insomnia is one of the most common sleep disorders. Occasional sleep disorders can cause fatigue and incongruity of movement the next day. Long-term sleep disorders can reduce the quality of life and increase the risk of mental illness. For example, depression and anxiety disorder


Influencing Children's Physical Development

  •  Adult insomnia can be self-regulated, thus alleviating insomnia symptoms, but if it is insomnia in children, we must attach great importance to it. Children themselves are vulnerable groups, and their expressive ability is poor. If parents do not pay attention to it, allowing children to sleep insufficiently will bring hidden dangers to their children's health.


Increase the risk of death

  • Human cells divide mostly in sleep. Insufficient sleep or sleep disturbance will affect the normal division of cells, which may lead to mutations in cancer cells and lead to the occurrence of cancer. In addition, insomnia can also cause disorders in the autonomic nervous system.


Depression due to long-term insomnia

  • With the development of society, emotional, life, employment and other pressures have become the inducement of depression, excluding other physical diseases, insomnia is a prominent feature of depression patients, but often neglect that insomnia may be depression.


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