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Wake Up With Whole New You


Feeling good when you wake up can drive you a great whole day and give you a full positive motivation to deal with the crazy busy day. To take care of yourself and have a good rest is not only your choice but also is you responsibility.

As usual we will chose a suitable mattress to fulfill the goal which will relax our body at night and wake up with unstoppable willing. Believe or not , there is some little habit that can help us with good sleep.


Before you getting ready to go to bed drink a cup of warm milk to calm down in mind.

When you lay down the bed please throw off tension and bad emotion within today and spend a few minutes thinking of all of the happy moment during the whole day. This is one important point because it is not a wise choice when we fall asleep with bad mood and negative emotions.

*Take a deep breath and focus of the happiness which make you comfortable

You may received a compliment or argue with co-worker or make a mistake within today but I want you to take a deep breather and take a few moments to program subconscious by repeating affirmations such as i can handle every challenge that comes my way. I can fix every problem in my job. I deserve to better thing. I am positive person that can smile every day even meet hard question.

*Trust yourself and cheer yourself up with state of well-being and contentment


Close your eyes and build a scene what it would be like and can let you completely relax yourself. I want you to really get into this and fall asleep.

*imagine the grateful sight / listen the sea sound / walking on the plains full of grass green

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