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I want to sleep when I read a book.


   Sleep itself has nothing to do with reading activities

  From a psychological point of view, this is a bad habit formed by conditioned reflexes. Sleep itself is an instinctive behavior of people unrelated to reading activities, but because of the connection with irrelevant stimuli, corresponding conditioned reflexes are formed.

  For example, in the case of a tired brain, a person still insists on reading books. When I picked up the book, I couldn't resist the intrusion of fatigue. I wanted to throw a book to sleep, but I felt that I couldn't read it and I could barely support it. After so many repetitions, learning and sleeping are two activities that are not related to each other. After continuous reinforcement, this connection has gradually been fixed, so that reading in the future becomes a predisposing factor for sleepiness, as long as you pick up the book and want to sleep.


  Four ways to eliminate inhibitory conditional emissions:

1.Tailored, understand the personal biological clock, choose scientific and personalized high-efficiency reading time

2.Carefully managed, in accordance with personal preferences, find some "little actions" that make you happy and help improve your thinking ability.

3.Concentrate on the body, deepen the taste, and discover the "charm" of the purpose of reading

4.Relaxation, scientific rationality, considering objectivity, don’t be arrogant

  Soon, you won’t be sleepy when you go to bed. Or your mattress is too comfortable, I think, you must have used Synwin mattress


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