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The Nansha port is congested for ten kilometers, and the price of trailers doubles


           The situation in Nansha port

"Now Nansha Port is in a mess. The driver returned a container and queued up all night." Zhang Quan, who is engaged in the shipping industry in Nansha, Guangzhou, told Times Finance on the afternoon of the 4th.

Affected by the epidemic at Yantian Port in Shenzhen, the containers that usually go to sea from Yantian were evacuated to Shekou and Nansha ports. Due to the huge demand for shipping, Nansha Port’s wharf was unable to fully accept the transfer of Yantian Port’s capacity for a while, causing congestion of container containers, and the "long dragon" stretched for more than ten kilometers.

Times Finance respectively called the two Nansha Port trailer companies, and they all said that they had to work for about six hours, and traffic jams caused their efficiency to drop significantly. "Before one car can make two cabinets (containers) a day, now one car a day. Can only be a cabinet."

Since the second half of last year, due to the strong export demand and the decline in the efficiency of overseas container turnover, the domestic container supply is seriously insufficient, and there was a situation of "difficult to find one container" for a while. Nowadays, the port services of Yantian Port brought about by the epidemic are almost paralyzed, shipping congestion in South China, and logistics problems may continue to restrict the foreign trade market in South China.

In terms of freight rates, as demand on major global routes continues to exceed supply, rates have been repeatedly pushed up. Maritime Service.com commented that “the shortage of containers, ship jams, and delays in shipping schedules caused by the outbreak of the Yantian Port epidemic has become a new fuel for the increase in global freight rates.”

According to data from Souhang.com, the minimum freight rate for a 40-foot container sent from Shenzhen to California on June 2 has reached 10,400 US dollars. In addition to various expenses such as terminal fees and security fees, the total freight rate is close to 1.06. Ten thousand US dollars, the highest level in the past ten years.

Regarding the impact of soaring shipping prices on shipping companies, Times Finance called the investment relations department of COSCO SHIPPING Holdings (601919) as an investor. The relevant staff introduced that container shipping prices have risen over the same period of time, which will definitely be for the entire shipping business. Good.

According to the China Export Container Freight Index provided by the Shanghai Shipping Exchange, it was 2296.36 on May 28 and 2373.77 on the 4th of this month, an increase of 3.4% within a week. The Shanghai Export Container Freight Index was 3,495.76 on May 28 and 3613.07 on the 4th of this month, an increase of 117.31 within a week.

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