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Synwin mattress 丨 996 is better to sleep well

Synwin mattress 丨 996 is better to sleep well
Recently, "996ICU" has been used in every corner of the Internet. "996" usually means that employees go to work at 9:00, work at 9:00, and work 6 days a week.

Although the national labor law stipulates that normal working hours are eight hours a day, five days a week, overtime work is very common in first-tier cities. Some people are proud of working overtime, but more is the body that has been overdraft changed from pain to numbness.

A company employee said in an interview that "the morning is basically 8 o'clock in the morning, the general situation is more than 9 o'clock in the evening, and the end of the month is more than 11 o'clock. Because there is no subway, take the bus, more than 6 o'clock, you have to get up and take the bus. Evening. When I came back to the bus, it was basically a taxi. It was impossible not to work overtime, not letting you go, a small meeting for a while, and I was always in work."
In the first-tier cities, it takes only two or three hours to get to and from work. It is a common thing in the 996 or 995 mode of work. Counting the commute time, the time spent with the family, and the time of washing the toilet, etc., one day can sleep. The last four to five hours is already very good, and it is absolutely impossible to maintain adequate sleep.
A study published in the top medical journal The Lancet observed a group of physicians. The results showed that the same task was done, and those who lacked sleep were 14% longer than those with adequate sleep, and the error rate was 20% higher. Not only do we spend more time doing the same job, we even have to spend more time cleaning up the mess.
Too many people are concentrating on their work, and they are overdrafting day and night. They think that the harder they work, the more they can get, but they don’t realize that the quality of work has been greatly reduced. Hard work is undoubtedly an important condition for success, but a better way is to work efficiently.

If you schedule your time, take a good night's sleep and you may work faster and more efficiently than a zombie. Good quality sleep can strengthen the body's immune system, balance hormones in the body, speed up metabolism, improve vitality and improve brain function. You will be more creative, more energetic, and more likely to mobilize the part of the brain that solves the problem.

Sleep is an upgraded version of the anabolic state that accelerates the growth and recovery of the immune system, skeletal system, and muscle system. Focusing on deep sleep for 20 years, Synwin mattresses use sky memory cotton, pure natural latex, and ultra-quiet spring system to create a high-quality and comfortable sleep ecology by optimizing physical methods such as limb support and skin touch, helping people to quickly enter deep sleep. Physical recovery.
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