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Three Common Sleeping Position



Distributed weight evently and aligns neck with spine.Help to avoid aches and pains.

Put two hand on  your stomach with light music can let you more peace when use this position and help you get into sleep more quickly

+Prevents back pain,wrinkles,sagging breasts and fighting acid reflux

-Bad for snoring


Clears out proteins and toxins that build up over the day.Helpful for people who snore-opes airway and improves air flow.Best for pregnant women,increases circulation.

The pillow must be mach between your head and shoulder angle, if not it will a bad sleep position and will get tired when you get up

+Reduces snoring,aids in comfort when pregnant,prevents neck and back pain

-Bad for skin and breasts,as your face is smashed against a pillow and your breast ligamets are stretching downward


If you have health problems, avoid this position

Not advise use this position very often becuase will push your organ all night

+Reduces Snoring

-Bad on your neck,back,breasts and skin

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