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Best choice of hardness of mattress


The softness and hardness requirements of mattresses vary greatly between Chinese and Western consumers. 

Chinese consumers tend to have harder mattresses, while Western consumers prefer soft mattresses. 

What is the softness and hardness of the mattress? Is it a good hard mattress or a soft mattress? This is a common concern for consumers. Scientifically, soft mattresses reduce the support of the spine, and the comfort of the hard mattress is not enough, so a hard and soft mattress is not good for healthy sleep. 

The softness of the mattress directly affects the quality of sleep. Compared with the soft wooden mattress and the soft sponge bed, the moderately soft spring mattress is more conducive to good sleep. 

1, the most important thing to buy a mattress is moderate hardness, depending on whether your sleep is lying on the side, prone or supine. When lying on the side, keep the spine on the same horizontal line. You can let the accompanying person put a hand in your waist. If it is too tight, it means the mattress is too soft. If it is too loose, it means the mattress is too hard. When you are lying on your back, the neck and the lower part of the spine need more support. You should choose a slightly stiffer mattress. When lying down, try a mattress that is harder. However, according to the advice of experts, lying to the right is the best way to sleep. 

2. If you have a big difference with your other half, why not buy two different single mattresses to meet different needs? You don't have to choose a double mattress. 

3. If you are used to reading a book or watching TV in bed, you can choose a bed that can adjust the tilt angle of the head, so that you can read and watch TV comfortably. However, experts do not recommend doing anything other than sleeping in bed, otherwise it will be difficult to sleep when old.

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