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China's export shipping costs skyrocketed


           China's export shipping costs skyrocketed
What is the reason? What should we do?
Maritime transport
More than 2,000 years ago, the ancient Greek oceanographer Divistock once said: "Whoever controls the ocean, controls everything. In the era of economic globalization, ocean transportation still plays an irreplaceable role. Many advantages such as low cost, wide coverage, large capacity, etc. make ocean shipping the main artery of global trade. However, during the epidemic, this international trade artery was cut off. The packing freight has soared bizarrely, and it is difficult to find the tanks of ships. Recently, the wave of global shipping prices and shortages has become more and more turbulent. But, Why?
Make up for the loss
    The shipping company suffered too much early and needs to make up for the loss. At the beginning of this year, with the accelerated spread of the epidemic, the global shipping market stagnated, container transportation costs plummeted, and freight rates fell to the bottom at the end of April. What's more serious is that in May, global seaborne trade fell by more than 10%, which means that there was more than 1 billion tons of trade "loss" globally, the largest drop in 35 years. Under such circumstances, as demand gradually picks up, no shipping company that has survived is willing to continue to lose money, and shipping costs have naturally soared.
The arrival of the peak of global transportation
Before autumn, it is usually the peak period of global shipping industry. If you do not consider other reasons and simply look at the time point, the shipping costs will also increase from July to September of the previous year. Moreover, this year due to the impact of the epidemic during the working year, many countries and ports have been blocked, and procurement activities will be concentrated In the second half. With the advent of many major international festivals, such as Christmas and New Year's Day, people's purchasing needs will increase. As a major producer in the world, China is responsible for 50% of the world's production, and China's export volume will definitely increase greatly. In summary, China’s export demand for maritime transport will surge
What should we do
China's resumption of work, exports are on track, and the volume of domestic export containers is increasing. Since most countries are still in the epidemic stage worldwide, China's imported cabinets have decreased year-on-year. So in the future, in addition to liquidation, lack of boxes may also become the norm. We must seize the opportunity to increase the added value of our products. We cannot control the cost of shipping, but we can make our products necessary, so that customers will still choose to export our products even when the shipping costs are extremely high.
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