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It’s Good To Prolong The Mattress Period If You Do That


Sitting on the edge of the mattress to chat, eat, watch TV is the habit of many people. However, experts believe that often sitting on the edge of the mattress will cause uneven force on the spring, which is not conducive to extending the life of the mattress.

Most families use spring mattress.One side of the bed is used for a long time, it will easily lead to spring deformation and mattress depression. Therefore, in the first year of using the new mattress, it is better to overturn the front and back sides every 2-3 months, so that the force of the mattress can be blanced, after 2-3 months it can be reversed once every six months. The mattress should also be replaced regularly. Generally speaking, the spring of the mattress in 8-10 years has entered a recession period. The best mattress should be replace in 15 years.

If the spring of the mattress loses its elasticity, it can not provide good support for the body. If people lie on it, it will change the normal curvature of the human spine, tighten the related muscles and ligaments, make people sleeping more tired and wake up with backache. As the time past, the compressed parts of the human body are easy to deform, accelerate muscle strain and spine bone aging and proliferation, and even cause spinal deformity.

Many families neglect the cleaning of mattresses . In fact, mattresses are easy to breed bacteria and mites. They should be cleaned every season and put mattress under the sun once a year for 2 hours each time. If have a high standard of clean the bed, a layer of cleaning mattress can be added between the mattress and the sheet. A special cotton layer is built in the cleaning mattress to prevent moisture from entering the mattress to keep it clean and dry.

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