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Different Mattress Suitable For The Different People


For Baby: Pay attention to the ventilation function

Newborn babies have very soft bones, 70% of the time spent in bed. Good mattresses can help their bones grow healthily, so it is very wise for young parents to choose a good quality baby mattress. Common baby mattresses on the market are sponge and spring. No matter what kind of material, the edge of the mattress must have exhaust holes, and when choosing the sponge mattress, we should ensure its high density.


For Student: The point is neck protection

Teenagers are in the stage of physical development and have great plasticity. Especially in this period, attention should be paid to the protection of cervical vertebra Parents had better take their children to the market, let them experience the comfort of the mattress. A suitable mattress protects the cervical spine and promotes development.

For Elder: Can not be too soft

Generally, the elderly with heart disease sleep on the hard bed better, but the elderly with vertebral variants cannot sleep on the hard bed, so the mattress should be based on their own situation. Bed for the elderly should be to maintain the normal lumbar physiological lordosis, lumbar non-lateral bending, with a certain degree of hardness on it.

For Workmen

Workmen are under great pressure at work. They habitually stay up late at night and suffer from insomnia. Go to the mattress market choose one to lie down and feel it. After 10-20 minutes If can make you feel relax and refresh that this is the right one.

Soft and Fit physiological curve will be your good choice.

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