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How to handpick mattress for sound sleep?


Good mattess brings people not just comfortable morpheus, and also conducive to their health.

Generally speaking, long-term wrong sleeping position on undesirable mattress especially, it will stimulate vertebral interior nerve thereby, force organ that nerve controls to lose normal function gradually.

If mattress is too hard, not only can it oppress human body back nerve, also it affects blood to circulate normally, as time goes by, it still can cause lumbar acerbity backache and sciatic nerve ache.


As a result, it will have haemal circulation block, which will make human body age faster, and if mattess is too soft, human body's weight will not get balanced support. Therefore, a good mattress is the most urgent need for people to protect their spine, how can you choose and buy a good mattress?

When buying a mattress, do not just focus on design or price, to choose a reputable brand, so that you can ensure mattress after-sales service at least;

Quality that is the most important is mattess itself, it still has the crowd that use mattess.

Choose mattress according to height, weight, figure, sleeping position

Mattess should give the support with good body, this is the most basic principle. A lot of people think hard mattress is good, it is wrong actually. A light weight person should sleep in a softer bed, while a heavy person should sleep in a harder bed. Soft and hard are actually opposite. What mattress is soft accurately for sleep? The answer comes down to spring mattress. Why? Contact Synwin and get details.

A mattress that is too hard will not balance all parts of human body and will focus on the heavier parts of human body, such as shoulders and hips. Because these areas are particularly stressed, blood circulation is poor and sleep is difficult. On the contrary, if matress is too soft, it can cause vertebra out of order because of bearing force insufficient, back muscle can cannot relax adequately to rest in whole morpheus process consequently.

It's also important to know your sleeping position when buying a mattress.

A woman's hips are generally wider than her waist, and if she prefers to sleep on her side, mattress should be able to accommodate her body outline.

Heavier people, especially those who sleep on their back, they should have a firmer mattress if their weight is distributed around their torso, as men generally do.

The bigger mattress is, the better it will be

In the maximum limit that bedroom area place bears, to all intents and purposes, the bigger mattress is, the better it will be, so that people can lie on bed and move freely. So don't be afraid of KING SIZE if your home space allows. There are a wealth of king size spring mattress in Synwin factory, take a hop over there and get sleep experience in its center.

If you decide to choose a king-size bed, consider practical considerations, such as what size mattress can be in a match with staircases, corridors and rooms. If space is really narrow, you can choose a zipper in the middle.

In addition, it is better to buy a mattress of a size larger than the actual demand at present, so that even in the next two or three years there will be new changes in the family, such as getting married or having a baby, there will be no additional cost caused by purchase.

What kind of mattress is chosen often?

Mostly it's spring mattess, the structure of spring, filling material, car flower cushion covers quality, the thickness of steel wire, the number of spring coil, the height of individual spring coil, and the connection mode of spring coil, these can affect quality of spring mattress.

The more springs you have, the more support you get. Most spring mattresses are made of natural materials that breathe better, absorb nighttime sweat, and exhale during the day. Synwin factory is a professional spring mattress production base, welcome to contact Synwin if in need.

Mattresses affect relationship

Make sure you and your partner have a spring mattress bed that's big enough for both of you to stretch out and sleep comfortably.

If there is a great difference in weight and figure between two people, it is suggested to choose a spring mattress specially designed for two people, which can reduce shock caused by tossing and turning activities of partners and ensure uninterrupted sleep.

The average times of sleeper tossing and turning is more than 20 times a night which means that your partner's tossing and turning leaves you likely to be awake 13 percent of sleep time, more than 22 percent in light sleep, and less than 20 percent in stages 3 and 4 of sleep each night.

The third and fourth stages of sleep are crucial for repairing body and improving memory.

When two people cannot agree on the hard and soft demands of mattress, a more economical compromise is to get a spring mattress with indepent spring bags.

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