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Such a mattress, please replace it at the fastest speed


The annual "3.21 World Sleep Day" has just passed, many people have lamented: not only lack of money, but also lack of awareness, is a really special destitute, the only wish is just to sleep well!
Nowadays, many people's work habits are the most embarrassing nights, eating the coolest chickens, and then using the most expensive cosmetics... "I don't know the danger of staying up late, but I still can't control the impulse to play mobile phones."

 However, if you don't brush Weibo, don't watch the vibrato, don't eat chicken, don't visit a treasure, and don't talk about the thoughts, but still toss and turn, then you must find out the real reason for insomnia.

The answer may be: the unremarkable mattress underneath you!
If your mattress has the following symptoms, please change ta as fast as possible:
Not fit
When sleeping, if the mattress is too hard, the fit with the human body arc is not enough, the spine will be in a stiff state, easy to deform, and the mattress will not be tight, the body will not be supported and suspended. When the mattress is too soft, it can not support the body, and there is a collapse. The long-term bending of the spine can cause back pain; too soft or too hard can cause disease.
If your mattress always has a strange smell, consider having problems with the accessories. Unqualified coir or mountain brown bedding will add a large amount of adhesive during the production process, resulting in excessive formaldehyde, the bedroom environment is usually relatively closed, and the mattress is the closest furniture to the respiratory tract and skin. Will pose a huge threat.
Easy to resurgence
If your mattress is often susceptible to moisture and mildew, it may be due to insufficient exhaust. We usually have close contact with the mattress for a long time, and it is easy to produce sweat when sleeping for a long time. The inferior mattress is generally rough, and the ventilation performance is extremely poor. The lack of effective vent structure discharges the residual heat and moisture of the human body, and can not keep the bed. The pad is dry and cool, easy to regain moisture and mildew, and is generally related to the structure of the mattress.
Material difference
In order to gain profits, many merchants will add raw materials that are not enough raw materials, and use snake skin bags, black heart cotton and other waste processing. These substances not only bring health risks, but also induce parasites such as bacterial aphids to become bacteria. The breeding base, the hidden danger of "invisible" can be everywhere.
Since Simmons has been available, mattresses have become standard for every household, but dear, not all mattresses can make you sleep better. Some bad mattresses can even steal you. Sleep, and health. Check it out!

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