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Ten questions to test your sleep quality


1. You need an alarm clock to get up on time.

2. It's a struggle to get up every morning.

3. At work, I often feel irritable and exhausted.

4. Concentration and memory, there are more and more signs of retrogression.

5. They respond more slowly than others when they think deeply, solve problems, or come up with ideas.

6. When watching TV, I often take a nap unconsciously.

7. I often sleep more hours on weekends.

8. You need a nap to replenish your energy.

9. Can fall asleep five minutes after going to bed.

10. There are dark circles around the eyes.

If you answer more than three "yes" in the above 10 questions that maybe you are in sleep quality problem. 

World recognized health standards

Optimistic attitude

The movement of Science

Balanced nutrition

Adequate sleep

Health comes from sleep

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