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How to select a good mattress for your health?


How to select a good mattress for your health?

The core part of the mattress: spring.

Springs are divided into ordinary springs (iron, steel or copper), one-line steel springs (elasticity can maintain life-long flexibility), and independent pocket springs (each point is stressed, do not interfere with each other).

In fact, many people have to choose a hard mattress to buy a mattress, saying that because the waist is not good. On the northeast side of our country, it was originally sleepy, but we also had to lay a layer of scorpion on the scorpion. If it felt uncomfortable, it would be laid on the second floor or thicker. In fact, this is what we slowly evolved from sleeping mattresses to sleeping mattresses. The mat that the human body sleeps too hard is very harmful to our lumbar spine.

The human body is an s-shaped curve. If you sleep on a hard mat, it is equivalent to sleeping on a wooden board. The waist is always suspended. After a long time, even if there is no problem at the waist, there will be lumbar muscle strain on the hard cushion. Only the cushions with moderate sleep, the waist is properly supported, the support is good, and the longer we can go into deep sleep.

It's not that the softer the mattress, the better. Different people have to sleep on the mat to get more help to the body. It can enter the stage of deep sleep, and can help plasticity and protect the back. For example, a brown mattress has a very high hardness. If an elderly person can't change the concept of sleep, he can choose a brown mattress that suits him. If it is a young girl, and the body is very good, then you can choose a latex and spring mat, the flexibility and plastic effect is very good, sleeping on the above there is a feeling of hot springs, the support is very good. A strong man can choose a memory cotton plus spring mattress, which can reduce the number of unnecessary turns, but also promote blood circulation and relieve fatigue. Older people and small children recommend choosing a chilly mattress that is comfortable and a healthy and environmentally friendly material.

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