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Good five mattresses, do you know a few?


Good five mattresses, do you know a few?

One third of life is spent in bed.

The mattress is vital, sleeping for so long,

Do you know what a good mattress?

What are the criteria for a good mattress?

Five standards for good mattresses


Everything we buy wants it to have a good quality. If you buy it home, it will be very bad if you just use it in a few months. According to the national standard, a good mattress should be tested on the mattress rolling equipment for 30,000 times to achieve the standard, so as to ensure the durability of our mattress.


The most important thing about a good mattress is to ensure its comfort so that we can have a good night's sleep. The comfort of a mattress varies from person to person. Each person's physical condition is different and the perception of the mattress is different. But no matter what kind of mattress, we must ensure that when we lie on the mattress, our spine can be fully supported, keep straight and stretch, and insert a palm between the waist and the mattress. If the gap is too big, When we wake up, we will have back pain, which is not conducive to the health of the spine.

Environmental protection

While paying attention to comfort, the health of sleep is also a problem that we have to pay attention to. According to the requirements of national standards, the formaldehyde content in the mattress should not exceed 0.050mg/m2.h. If the formaldehyde content exceeds the standard, it will cause harm to our body. Therefore, when we choose the mattress, we should try to use some original raw materials. Materials such as natural latex, jute, coco and so on.


The highly breathable mattress makes it difficult for bacteria to grow, and the body's moisture is removed in time to keep it dry and dry. “Blood Five Elements Energy Mattress” has made “Eco Bama Move Back to My Home” a reality. A flat five-row energy mattress is a small horse, so you can enjoy the healthy environment of health and health without leaving your home. One-third of his life spent in his "Little Bama", and his benefits are endless.


A quiet environment is a big factor in ensuring the quality of our sleep. In a noisy environment, we will feel annoyed and sleepy. If our mattress creaks, falling asleep becomes a very difficult thing. The easiest way to determine if a mattress has noise is to press it on your hand or lie on the mattress and try it out.

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