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When you buy a new mattress


Not About The Brand And Price

Finding the right mattress is not matter the brand name and price, it’s about which one is more suitable for you. No one can choose the right mattress for you but yourself. Some of people prefer the firm mattress and someone like the soft one. There is not right answer for how to choose the good mattress, just follow your feeling when you lay down.

If you are lay on too soft mattress, you’ll start to sink down and the spine not in its natural position,will have too much pressure on the sacrum; too hard will let the spine without good support, the muscle still in tight state can not release. So the medium-firm with soft pillow will give you the “just-right” balance.

Try A Mattress Before You Buy

When you buy a car you will try to drive first and why can not try first when you buy a new mattress. You can lay on a mattress for 15 to 30minutes to feel the mattress and see if this kind can give you the nice sleeping experience. Make sure it feeling comfortable in every position especially the side you usually use for a sleep.

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