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2020 comprehensive guide to mattresses of all


Mattess is to assure consumer of healthy and comfortable sleep, sandwiched between human body and bed. Mattesses composed from different material have different effects on human's health, either conducive to or detrimental for human.  

Development history:

1. In 1881, a cotton-making machine maker named Daniel Haynes began producing cotton-stuffed mattresses in a small town outside Houston, Texas.

2. Simmons used bag to wrap up spring mattres back in 1900.

3. At the crack of 20th century, Danlofu developed rubber foamed cushion;


Characteristics of all mattresses

Sleep is the foundation of health, nonethelss, how to have a healthy sleep? In addition to work, life, physical, psychological and other reasons, having "hygienic, comfortable, aesthetically pleasing, durable" healthy bedding is a must for quality sleep.With the continuous progress of material civilization and technology, mattress type that people use in daily life gradually tends to differ from one to another, basically they could be categorized into spring mattress, palm mattress, latex mattress, water mattress, head inclined ridge mattress, air mattress, magnetic mattress, etc., in which, spring mattress accounts for the largest proportion.

Folding palm mattress
Folding palm mattress is woven from palm fibers, usually hard or slightly soft in texture.The price of this mattress is relatively low, nonetheless, it has natural palm smell, poor durability, easy to collapse deformation, poor supporting performance &  maintenance to moth or mold.
Modern brown mattress
It is made by adding modern adhesive to mountain palm or coconut palm, featured with environmental protection.The difference between mountain palm and coconut palm mattress lies in that mountain palm has good toughness, but insufficient supporting force. Coconut palm has better overall supporting force and endurance, even bearing force, and is relatively hard compared with mountain palm.
Folding latex mattress
It is also divided into synthetic latex and natural latex, which are derived from petroleum and lack of elasticity and air permeability, while natural latex is derived from rubber trees.Natural latex gives off a light smell of frankincense, making it more close to nature, soft and comfortable, and breathable. Moreover, oak protein in latex can inhibit the latency of bacteria and allergens, but it costs a lot.
Folding 3D mattress

It is composed of double-sided mesh cloth and intermediate connecting wire, which determines the incomparable air permeability of traditional materials. The intermediate connecting wire is 0.18mm thick polyester single wire, which ensures the resilience of 3D mesh cloth.

Added with 8-10 layers of 3D material to a thickness of 16cm, the coat is quilted with sandwich mesh and 3D material, or quilted with cotton velvet.

The main material of 3D mattress is superimposed by one 3D material, so the classification of 3D mattress is basically determined by the classification of 3D materials.

1. Classification according to grams.The gram weight of 3D material can be adjusted from 300GSM to 1300GSM. The general unit material gram weight of 3D mattress includes :(1)300GSM.(2) 450 GSM.(3) 550 GSM.(4) 750 GSM.(5) 1100 GSM.

2. Classification by thickness.By 2013, the conventional thickness of 3D mattress unit material is :(1)4mm.(2) 5 mm.(3) 8 mm.(4) 10 mm.(5) 13 mm.(6) 15 mm.(7) 20 mm.

3. Classification according to door width.Door width refers to the full width of fabric, that is, the width of fabric.Generally speaking, relatively conventional 3D materials have a width between 1.9-2.2m.

Folding spring mattress
It is a modern and commonly used mattress with better performance, whose core is composed of spring.The pad has the advantages of good elasticity, good supporting, strong air permeability and durability.Contemporary with the entry of foreign advanced technology and the application of a large number of patents, spring mattress has been subdivided into a lot of categories, such as independent bag bed net, five area patent bed net, spring and latex system and so on, greatly enrich people's choice.
Collapsible air mattress
The mattress is easy to collect, easy to carry and suitable for temporary extra bed and travel, a new mattress that has emerged in recent years. One end of the mattress is an inclined plane, allowing the user to lie on the inclined plane on his or her back to correct the spine, so as to slowly balance the spine and achieve a healthy state of the spine. The rearward mattress comes with a variety of custom pillows, which are either a regular mattress or a pillow and mattress. At the same time, for different problems, the mattress can be used with cylindrical pillows and other accessories, better results.
Folding bamboo mattress

The mattress is cut into bamboo strips from nanzhu and carbonized, odorless, moisture-proof and insect-free, it has the characteristics of buoyancy sleep, dynamic sleep, warm in winter and cool in summer, and thermal therapy.But it's not breathable enough.
Collapsible baby mattress
A baby mattress is a mattress used by children under one year of age. Because the baby in this stage of growth and development is particularly rapid, is the most vigorous growth and development of human life stage, and the baby's body is relatively soft, if not pay attention to it is easy to cause stunting.So the mattress that the baby USES, should have higher standard, differ somewhat with adult.In Europe and the United States and other developed countries, the concept of the baby mattress has been widely known, the main role of the baby mattress is to support its body, prevent the deformation of the baby spine, baby limbs relax, promote blood circulation, conducive to the healthy development of the baby.

How to handpick the right fit for your ideal mattress

One third of a person's life is spent in sleep. Four indicators to measure whether people have "healthy sleep" are: adequate sleep, sufficient time, good quality and high efficiency;Easy to fall asleep; Uninterrupted sleep;Sleep well and wake up tired, etc.The stand or fall of moring quality and mattess are closely related, the mattess that the consumer can be connected from mattess when choosing mattess, decompression sex, support degree, take stick sex, bed face tension, moring temperature and moring humidity wait for a respect to come choose and buy type appropriate, quality is fine.Because the specific circumstance of each person is different, for instance weight, height, fat thin and individual life habit, be fond of, when people is choosing mattess, the economic income condition that should consider syncally according to oneself specific circumstance and local climate and individual gives choice.Among them the most basic requirement is supine when can maintain lumbar physiology before protruding, body curve is normal;Lateral lying to do not make lumbar curvature, lateral bending.

Choose what kind of mattess is best, should speak of from the function of mattess.The function of mattess is to assure consumer to obtain healthy and comfortable moring.Good mattess has two standards: it is a person no matter be in what kind of sleep position, spinal column can maintain straight stretch;The second is equal pressure, lying on the body can be fully relaxed.This involves the softness of the mattress.

The firmness of the mattress depends on the firmness of the liner spring.In addition to the spring should play a supporting role in the necessary hardness, there should also be a good resilience, that is, the so-called rigid soft aid.Too hard or too soft, rebound is not ideal.Too hard mattess person lies above just the head, carry on the back, buttock, heel these 4 points bear pressure, other parts of the body did not fall into actual place completely, spinal column is in actually stiff quite tense condition, not only achieve optimal rest effect, and sleep such mattess time grew to still can be opposite to healthy damage.Too soft matress, the person lies whole body is sunken go down, spinal column is in curve state for a long time, cause oppression to viscera, time grew, go against health likewise, and also uncomfortable.So should choose soft hard moderate mattess.

A good mattess can make the person has comfortable morpheus not only, and also have great profit to the body.Generally speaking, long-term wrong sleeping position, use undesirable mattress especially, can make vertebra segment produces shift, stimulate vertebral interior nerve thereby, bring about the organ that nerve controls to lose normal function gradually.Mattress is too hard not only can oppress human body back nerve, also can affect blood to circulate normally, time grew still can cause lumbar acerbity backache and sciatic nerve ache.

As a result of be oppressed and cause haemal circulation to block, can promote human body old, and mattess is too soft can make human body weight does not get balanced support and leave the sequela such as slouch.Therefore, a good mattress is the most urgent need for people to protect the spine.So, how can you choose and buy a good mattress?
When buying a mattress, do not just look at the design or price, to choose a reputable brand, so that you can ensure the relevant after-sales service;The quality that the most important is mattess itself actually still has the crowd that USES mattess.The mattess quality that can make you choose and buy so and easy get assure.
If set out from the Angle that protects spine, the proposal considers all sorts of ridge mattess, at present ridge mattess is divided into two kinds, partition model ridge mattess and inclined ridge mattess hold one's head up mattess namely, can analyze these two kinds of ridge mattess which kind is more appropriate your circumstance.


Mattress evaluation 

The general requirement that people rightness mattess is exterior beautiful, surface level off, dry, breathable, thickness is moderate, not easy be out of shape, durable, easy maintain.And the standard of professional evaluation mattess is from the functional sex of mattess, comfortable sex, use safe wait for Angle analysis.

The factors that affect the function of mattress include: stability, fixity, weight, friction characteristic between cushion and cushion cover, thickness, appearance, durability and retention characteristic;Factors affecting mattress comfort include: pressure distribution, shear force/friction force, humidity, temperature, stability and other factors;Factors affecting the safety of the mattress include: mattress pressure distribution, stability, shear force/friction force, temperature, humidity, durability, source control of infection, mite control, cleaning, flame retardant, etc.

In addition, mattress material requirements density, hardness, resilience, resistance, sealing, ventilation heat, waterproof.The mattress produced should meet the user's direct needs of self-perception, maximum permissible contact interface, posture, mobile decompression ability, skin condition, after-sales service and other consumption.

Mattress selection skills

Check whether look mattess exterior thickness is even, surface level off, line mark is symmetrical and beautiful, even at the same time with certificate of quality.

The surface of the mattress is tested evenly by hand, the padding is evenly distributed, the quality of the mattress with balanced rebound is better, it is best to lie down and feel for 5 minutes.

Pat the mattress, listen to the spring in the flapping sound, if there is a uniform spring sound, the spring is better.If under the extrusion often issued crunch, crunch noise, there is a possibility that the spring has rust or poor elasticity.

Notes for mattress purchase

What should I do when buying a mattress?

Sleep concerns the person's health, the quality of mattess affects the person's morarium directly, the following items should be noted when choosing mattess:

1. Judging the quality of mattress from the product logo

The real mattress, whether it is a palm pad, spring pad or cotton pad, has the product name, registered trademark, the name of the manufacturing company, the address of the factory, the contact number, and some also have qualified certificates and credit CARDS.The mattress that sells on the market without factory name, factory address and registered trademark is qualitative second the inferior product with low price overwhelmingly.

2. Judge mattress quality from fabric workmanship

The connection of high-quality mattress fabric is elastic and consistent, without obvious folds, floating lines and jumpers;Seaming, circular arc symmetry, no appearance of rough edge, straight floss.When the mattress is pressed by hand, there is no friction sound inside, and the feeling is crisp and comfortable.Poor quality mattress fabrics often quilted elastic is not consistent, floating line, jump line, seam edge, arc of four corners less symmetrical, dental floss is not straight.

3. From the internal material to see the advantages and disadvantages of the spring soft mattress

Spring mattress with the number of springs and the size of the diameter of the wire determines the spring mattress soft, hard.If the spring rings, there is a quality problem.If found spring rust, inner liner material for old sacks or industrial scraps opened loose floc fiber products, then the spring soft mattress for inferior products.

4. Beware of "black cotton" when buying cotton mattresses.


 Mattress and maintenance

Sleep is the foundation of health, how to have a healthy sleep?Besides the reason of the respect such as life, psychology, have "wholesome, comfortable" healthy mattess also is crucial.Fresh and mang home textile prompt, clean and maintain mattess correctly, the service life that can prolong mattess not only still can assure the health of the family.

1. With better quality sheets, not only absorption of sweat, but also to keep the cloth clean.

2. Do not often sit on the edge of the bed, the 4 corners of the mattress are the most fragile, long-term sit on the edge of the bed, easy to make the side spring damage.

3. Do not jump on the bed, in order to avoid a single point of stress ambassador spring damage.

4. Remove the plastic packaging bags to keep the environment ventilated and dry and avoid the mattress from dampness.Do not let the mattress insolate too long, make the fabric fade.

5. If you accidentally spill tea or coffee or other beverages on the bed, immediately dry them with a towel or toilet paper under heavy pressure and blow dry them with a hair dryer.Mattress accidentally contaminated with dirt, with soap and clean water, do not use strong acid, strong alkaline cleaner, so as to avoid the mattress fade and damage.

6. Flip it regularly.The new mattress is in the first year of use, every 2 to 3 months positive and negative, or about the head and feet turn over once, the spring force of the mattress is average, after about every half a year turn over can.

7. Keep clean.To clean the mattress regularly with a vacuum cleaner, do not wash with water or detergent directly. Avoid lying down immediately after bathing or sweating. Do not use electrical appliances or smoke in bed.

A few springs have air hole in the place that surround, do not take tight sheet, bed mattress when use, lest blow hole is blocked, cause air inside mattess cannot circulate, breed germ, the curing skill of mattess everybody must want to understand, maintain the sanitation of household environment.

1. Flip it regularly: New matress is in buy the first year that use, every 2 to 3 months positive and negative, or head and foot turn over, make the spring of matress force is average, after about every half year turn over can.

2. With better quality sheets, not only absorption of sweat, but also to keep the cloth clean.

3. Keep clean: Vacuum the mattress regularly, but do not wash it directly with water or detergent. Also avoid lying down immediately after a shower or when you sweat. Don't use appliances or smoke in bed.

4. Do not often sit on the edge of the bed, because the 4 corners of the mattress are the most fragile, sit for a long time in the edge of the bed, easy to make side spring damage.

5. Do not jump on the bed, in order to avoid a single point of stress ambassador spring damage.

6. Remove plastic packaging bags to keep the environment ventilated and dry and avoid damp mattress. Do not let the mattress insolate too long, make the fabric fade.

7. If you accidentally knock over tea or coffee and other beverages on the bed, immediately use a towel or toilet paper to dry them under heavy pressure, and then use a hair dryer to dry them.

When the mattress is not careful with dirt, can be cleaned with soap and water, do not use strong acid, strong alkaline cleaner, so as not to cause the mattress fade and damage.

8. Avoid excessive deformation of the mattress during handling; do not bend or fold the mattress;

9. Remove the plastic packaging film before use;

10. The cleaning mat or bed hat should be set before use to ensure the product is clean for a long time;

11. It is suggested that the mattress should be adjusted and turned regularly for about 3 to 4 months, so that the mat surface can be evenly stressed and its service life can be prolonged;

12 Do not tighten the sheets, mattresses, so as not to plug the air hole of the mattress, resulting in air circulation in the mattress, breeding germs, do not stress on the mat surface, so as not to cause local depression deformation mattress use;

13. Avoid using sharp Angle tools or cutting tools and other scratch fabric.

 Mattress maintenance misconceptions

1) Never change bed mattress

Generally speaking, the effective service life of spring mattress is 10 years or so commonly.That is to say, the matress after using 10 years suffers long-term heavy weight as a result of spring, make its flexibility produced certain change, bring about at this moment the fit of body and bed degree already appeared drop, such human body vertebra cannot get the most effective support and be in bend state. Even if did not appear so circumstance of local damage, to replace new mattess is in need.

2) The more springs, the better

Mattress is good or bad, there are many factors that can decide the Numbers of spring can explain a problem, that is the strength of the spring is stronger, and play a key role in the retainer force is not spring number but spring material, compression degree and spring resilience, when shopping for a mattress for the size of the tolerance may need to be done according to your needs.

Replace bed mattress

How your body feels when you wake up in the morning

If you get up in the morning after a night of sleep, there is physical discomfort, waist acid, back pain and other symptoms, in the elimination of physical fatigue, disease, should check the mattress you sleep on.A suitable mattress allows you to get physical and mental relaxation and physical recovery;On the contrary, a mattress that is not suitable for you will affect your health in a subtle way.

Changes in wake time during sleep

If you wake up in the morning at a different time than usual, for example, if you wake up much earlier in the morning than in the previous year, you should check your mattress to see if it is not properly supported due to its long life or quality problems, resulting in a decrease in mattress comfort.

Comparison of sleep experience

If you in travel, business trips and other circumstances, you happen to find that the mattress you sleep on is more comfortable than the mattress you have been using, your sleep is better than the quality of your sleep at home, so, your original mattress should be replaced as soon as possible.Only a good sleep will lead to a healthy body.

Mattress and Sleep

A new mattress removes stress.  In a 2009 study, 59 healthy people were asked to sleep 28 nights in a row on their own mattress and another 28 nights on a new, medium-strength mattress. The 59 participants were assessed for stress levels, including worry, depression, nervousness and headaches. The survey found that the new bed significantly reduced people's sense of pressure, so that the physical discomfort reduced.

The mattress became an allergen. This is mainly dust mites. Dust mites, which can only be seen with a microscope, mainly feed on human dander, so they thrive on beds. Dust mite is an important allergen of asthma, allergic rhinitis and eczema. About 20 million Americans are allergic to dust mites, according to WebMD, the largest healthcare service in the US. Clean your sheets and pillowcases with hot water regularly to remove dust mites. Better yet, buy a mattress cover labeled "Allergy free." In addition, a vacuum cleaner can be used to clean the mattress. The hardness of mattess differs from one to another. Mattress is too hard or too soft there is no uniform standard. A person weighing 250 pounds might think it's soft, but a person weighing 125 pounds might think it's tough." "Medium soft mattress" may sound like the most reliable, but you won't know if it works until you've been lying on it for a while. So before you decide to buy a mattress, lie on it for at least 20 minutes to see if it feels comfortable. Decisively replace the damaged mattress. Broken padding or faulty springs are signs that a new mattress is in order, but that's not the only reason to get a new mattress. If you're not sleeping as well as you used to, consider a new mattress, especially if you're more comfortable sleeping in someone else's home than at home, USA Today reported. Don't play with your phone in bed while trying to work.The bedroom should be a place to sleep and relax. It is difficult to fall asleep if you are still thinking about work at that moment when you lie down.

Similarly, don't play with your phone or other electronic devices after you go to bed. The blue light emitted by electronic devices can interfere with the brain's natural sleep mechanism, which can make you very awake and prevent you from falling asleep.

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