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all size super soft Innerpring Mattress selection


One-third of life is spent in sleep. The four major indicators of whether people have "healthy sleep" are: adequate sleep, sufficient time, good quality, and high efficiency; easy to fall asleep; continuous sleep without interruption; Deep sleep, waking up, tiredness, etc. The quality of sleep is closely related to the mattress. When choosing a mattress, consumers can choose from the permeability, decompression, support, conformability, bed surface tension, sleep temperature, and sleep humidity of the mattress. Buy a mattress of the right type and good quality. Since each person's specific situation is different, such as weight, height, fatness and thinness, personal living habits, preferences, etc., people should choose according to their own specific circumstances, local climate and personal economic income conditions when buying mattresses. . One of the most basic requirements is to maintain the lumbar spine physiological lordosis when lying on the back, and the body curve is normal; when lying on the side, the lumbar spine should not bend or bend sideways.

What kind of mattress is best to choose should start from the function of the mattress. The function of the mattress is to ensure that consumers get a healthy and comfortable sleep. There are two criteria for a good mattress: one is that no matter what sleeping position a person is in, the spine can remain straight and stretched; the other is that the pressure is equal, and the whole body can be fully relaxed when lying on it. This involves the softness of the mattress.

The hardness of the mattress depends on the hardness of the inner spring. In addition to the necessary hardness for supporting the spring, the spring should also have good resilience, which is the so-called combination of rigidity and flexibility. Too hard or too soft, the rebound is not ideal. People lying on a mattress that are too hard only bear the pressure on the four points of the head, back, buttocks, and heels. The other parts of the body are not completely settled. The spine is actually in a state of stiffness and tension, which not only fails to achieve the best rest. Effective, and sleeping on such a mattress for a long time will be harmful to health. A mattress that is too soft makes the whole body sunken when lying down, and the spine remains in a curved state for a long time, causing pressure on the internal organs. For a long time, it is also unhealthy and uncomfortable. Therefore, a mattress with moderate hardness should be used.

A good mattress not only enables a person to have a comfortable sleep, but is also beneficial to the body. Generally speaking, long-term incorrect sleeping positions, especially the use of poor mattresses, can cause displacement of the spinal joints, which stimulates the internal nerves of the spine, causing the organs controlled by the nerves to gradually lose their normal functions. A mattress that is too hard will not only compress the back nerves of the human body, but also affect the normal blood circulation. After a long time, it will also cause back pain and sciatic nerve pain.

The obstruction of blood circulation caused by pressure will make the human body old, and if the mattress is too soft, the weight of the human body will not be supported by the balance, leaving sequelae such as stooping and hunched back. Therefore, a good mattress is the most urgent need for people to protect the spine. So, how can I buy a good mattress?

When buying a mattress, don't just look at the design or price, but choose a reputable brand, which can ensure related after-sales services; in fact, the most important thing is the quality of the mattress itself and the people who use the mattress. Only in this way can the quality and comfort of the mattress you choose be guaranteed.

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