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sleeping with ponytail is not good


Girls need to pay attention of their sleeping habit~

  I have noted that, some girls will braid theri hair to maintain have good style for the next morning, but do you know this is bad for sleeping quality. When the hair is the most active at night, it is also the time when the hair is repaired, so that the scalp is always in a state of tension during the day and night, which is not conducive to a better relaxation of the brain.

  The hair has been tied for a day, and it will not affect the blood circulation in the head at night. It can not completely relax at night, which is not conducive to sleep, and is not conducive to the circulation of blood in the head. Not only at night, you should relax your scalp when you can, let your hair breathe freely, and it is not good for the scalp.

  Here is a little suggestion for sleeping, let sleep well.


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