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Spring mattress encyclopedic knowledge


Spring mattress

This article is about spring mattress's encyclopedic knowledge from Synwin spring mattress factory, one of large mattress manufacturers in China, more info, contact us.

Spring mattress is a modern and commonly used mattress with better performance, featured with advantages of good elasticity, good supporting, strong air permeability and durability.

Designed in strict accordance with the principles of ergonomics, three-section independent spring can be more flexible in match with human body's curve and weight.

Spring mattress evenly bearing every part of the body, it can keep human's spine naturally straight, so that the muscles get sufficient relaxation, reduce the number of sleep turn.


Classfication of spring mattress

1)Linked spring mattress

Traditional spring mattress is coarser spring coils of wire diameter, fixed connected by steel wire, high hardness, which brings sleep hard feeling, its support is good but the elastic is not obvious, easy to get sucked, most of domestic generation elders or Japanese as a result of habits and customs, they are habitated to sleep on this link type spring mattress bed, but if they sleep for a long time in a fixed position or sitting on the spring mattress bed and the four corners, or without turning mattress on a regular basis, it will be easy to cause depression and elastic fatigue for them.

2)One steel spring mattress

Each spring mattress is wrapped from the head of the bed to the end of the bed with a steel wire, and then connected in parallel, creating a line of steel mattress's uniqueness, in the support force, average stress degree and pressure dispersion becomes the strongest of all spring mattress structures.

3)Highly elastic spring mattress

The wire diameter of the high elastic spring for spring mattress is 1.8mm, the spring is made of steel wire connected into a whole mattress, if spring mattress factory chooses medium steel high carbon steel high heat heating for spring mattress production, spring mattress can be bent 90 degrees without deformation, so it has high resilience, and has the characteristics of Q soft elasticity.

4)Independent cylinder spring mattress

Independent cylinder spring mattress is produced with non-woven cloth or cotton bags, and then sealed with adhesive or ultrasonic way of close, the more the number of turns of the spring mattress is, the higher and softer the spring mattress will be.

Independent cylinder mattress spring is not connected with the wire ring buckle, but each is "independent", even if one turns, it will not affect the sleep of another person aside, at the same time this spring mattress can withstand every point of pressure everywhere, so that human body won't feel sour nor pain, namely the so-called ergonomic advantage. Relative to the joint spring, the independent cylinder mattress feels soft for sleep, but the good independent cylinder and the support of the joint spring stays abreast of each other in this regard.

5)Independent spring pack mattress

Independent spring bag for spring mattress is to put each independent body spring pressure with non-woven material into a bag, sequenced and glued together which could form a spring mattress bed network.The surface of the bed net is generally glued to the sponge layer, so that each bag of spring can be evenly stressed, it feels more comfortable in a comparision to other spring mattress. 

Each spring is "barrel shaped" with extra strong steel wire.Then after the compression process, spring mattress is sealed in a tough fiber bag, it could effectively prevent mold or moth, and avoid friction and vibration of the spring or making noise; Its characteristic lies in each spring body with individual operation, independent support, it can expand and contract separately, each spring is packed with fiber bag again, non-woven cloth bag or cotton bag, and the spring bag between different columns is bound together with glue, and more advanced continuous without contact longitudinal spring technology makes a spring mattress c achieve the effect of double mattress.


    How to pick the right spring mattress for sound sleep

    Consumers should first choose the brand products with certain scale and popularity, for example, Synwin spring mattress, which is one of 2020 top-selling spring mattreses in China.

    1. Fabric quality: Spring mattress fabric should be with certain texture and thickness, regarding the industry standard, per square meter significant is equal to 60 grams for symmetrical printing and dyeing patterns of fabrics;The sewing thread of the fabric has no broken thread, jumping needle, floating thread and other defects.

    2.The intrinsic quality of spring mattress is very important to use, the surrounding edges of the mattress should be checked when the choice is straight and flat; Whether the padded bread cover is full and symmetrical, the fabric has no feeling of relaxation; Free hand pressed pad surface 2-3 times, feeling should be soft and hard moderate feeling, and a certain resilience, such as there is a concave uneven phenomenon, the mattress spring wire quality is poor, in addition, it should not appear spring friction sound; If there is a mesh opening or a stretcher around the edge of the mattress, open it and check the internal springs for rust.Whether the matting material of the spring mattress is clean and odor-free, the matting material is generally made of hemp felt, brown sheet, chemical fiber (cotton) felt, etc., and the recycled material of waste materials or felt made of bamboo bamboo shell, straw, and rattan silk shall not be used as the spring mattress padding material, which will affect physical and mental health and service life.

    3.Size requirement: Spring mattress width is generally divided into single and double type: single specifications for 800mm~1200mm; Double size: 1350mm~1800mm; The length specification is 1900mm~2100mm;The size deviation of spring mattress shall be about plus or minus 10mm.


    Mattess is a must in people's life, most of people dont have spring mattess cognition, holding the opinion that feeling soft is comfortable, actually, they should choose according to the individual constitution and age for appropriate spring mattess.

    Mattress springs should follow a few guidelines to help you find the right mattress for you.

    First, before spring mattress, confirm whether main structure of understands mattess accords with human body engineering, whether it can provide human body moderate support, when lying on spring mattress, see if it can maintain a kind of most natural and comfortable state, without the slightest oppression and reluctance. 


    Second, test mattress elastic hardness. considering the human body vertebra are not in a straight line, but shallow S  type, it so needs proper hardness, a rich health spring system bed for comfortable sleep, so too soft or too hard mattress is neither appropriate, especially during the growth of children, the quality of the mattress, will directly affect child spinal cord development.

    Third, consider the size of spring mattress. In terms of spring mattress, the individual height plus 20 cm for the most appropriate size, in addition to the reservation placed pillows and arms and legs stretch space, but also to reduce the sense of pressure sleep.

    Fourth, spring mattress selection should be based on personal sleep habits. Because everyone on spring mattress soft hard elasticity of demand is different, so for spring mattress purchase, buyers should first understand the normal sleep habits of the individual, especially the elderly more special attention should be paid to sleep habits, too soft mattress is easy to fall, get-up is difficult, for the elderly bone osteoporosis gradually, and it is advisable to choose hardness higher mattress.

    Fifth, spring mattress buyers should choose reliable and have a good after-sales service of the well-known brands. Because, the mattress market, whether from imported or domestic mattress manufacturers, consumers must have a correct concept of judgment ability, spring mattress of purchase should be based on good reputation, perfect after-sales service and quality assured brand, at the same time, remember to ask for the original factory warranty or guarantee of agents, spring mattress distributors have a list of import tariff  imported from mattress and deceived.

    Sixth, the spring mattress should lie in a variety of positions to try, turn over, feel the support force of the mattress to the spine and whether can let the spine get good, even support, not light with the hand or hip pressure touch the mattress, spring mattress should first try to lie down, feel the touch of its mattress and soft hardness.


    Qualit spring mattress still needs caress of user, ability prolongs mattess service life.The basic maintenance method of spring mattress is:

    1. Flip it regularly. Flip new spring mattress in the purchase of the first year, every two or three months or turn the foot to turn each other, so that mattress spring force averages, after about every half a year, they can be flipped.

                         2. Clean the mattress regularly with a vacuum cleaner. If your spring mattress is stained with dirt,

                          it can be drained by toilet paper or cloth. Do not wash it with water or detergent. It's best to use sheets                        or cleaning pads,  and avoid lying on them immediately after a shower.


                         3.Don't often sit bed edge, because the 4 horn of matress is the flimsiest, sit for a long time in bed.


                          4. Do not jump on the bed, in order to avoid a single point of stress ambassador spring damage.











    The first process is neither spring making nor cotton pleating, but feed and feed inspection, which is the primary process of production, but also a strict control process.The proper of raw material and qualified or not concern the production of mattess finished product directly and quality.

    The second process is pleated cotton and spring piercing, which are two separate and simultaneous processes.Pleated cotton is the mattress fabric used by the cotton cart to the fabric up, the final form of expression is the mattress on the top, the bottom layer of fabric; Threading spring is to connect a spiral spring into a whole, which is the process of interlocking spring mattress. Independent bag and independent cylinder spring is to put a spiral spring into a strip, independent non-woven bag, and then glue the spring bag into a whole.

    The third process is to cut the bed and bed net made.The cutting bed is to cut the pleat cotton cloth to the mattress size;The bed net is made of a spring net, a chain spring net or an independent bag spring net, which is formed by a spring net.

    The fourth process is the base.To make a bottom is to put a cotton felt or other cushion layer on the bed net, and then place the pleat cotton fabric.

    The fifth process border.Surround edge is to use surround edge to take layer of upper and lower fabrics of good shop of a working procedure to sew together, such a piece of mattess calculates make it.

    Finally, the finished product inspection, packaging, so that the entire mattress process is completed.

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