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How to choose a soft and moderate mattress? Spring is really important!


How to choose a soft and moderate mattress? Spring is really important!

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The mattress is an indispensable thing in the bedroom. Put a comfortable mattress on the bed and sleep beautifully. How beautiful it is.

Choosing a mattress that suits you is not easy. Too soft a mattress, when the person lie down, the whole body will sag, changing the normal curvature of the human body, so that the related muscles and ligaments are tightened, and the relaxation and rest are not fully enjoyed for a long time, so that the feeling of backache appears.

The mattress is too hard, lying on it, only the four points of the head, back, buttocks and heels are under pressure. The rest of the body is not completely settled, and the effect of resting the spine and relaxing the muscles is not achieved. Feeling tired.

There are two main criteria for mattresses that make people feel comfortable:
1. No matter what kind of sleeping posture, the spine can maintain the natural physiological curvature of the spine;

2. People lying on the body can fully relax;

In general, a mattress consists essentially of three major groups: bed net (spring) + filler + fabric.

Fabric layer: Cotton or fabric covering wraps the entire mattress. The cover has different patterns and colors, and general knitted fabrics are the most common. The fabric is designed to meet the characteristics of moisture absorption, breathability and comfort.

Comfort layer: also known as interior decoration layer, in order to improve the function and durability of the mattress and ensure the comfort of the mattress, some fillers will be added on each spring, including parallel net, brown, sponge, latex, etc.

Support Layer - Also known as the spring core layer, it is an important part of the support on the mattress.

The spring is the heart of the entire mattress. The quality of a spring is determined by the number of springs, the diameter of the spring, the diameter of the wire, and the number of turns.

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