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by:Synwin     2021-10-17
With the continuous development trend of cultural life anytime, anywhere, everyone is paying more and more attention to the quality of life and pursuing a high-quality life. Therefore, everyone is aiming to occupy one-third of the daily life: the mattress used for the quality of sleep is also increasingly paying attention. How to choose a mattress? Which mattress is considered a good mattress? Which mattress is suitable for itself? This problem often confuses the 'exquisite' groups who want to change mattresses. Hard bed or soft bed? The softness of the mattress is critical to maintaining the physical and mental health of the spine. Especially for children, there are many children with their necks leaning forward. The pressure of backpack work is on one hand, and on the other hand, it is also due to the problem of the bed. I don’t know if you want to pursue a softer bed? Many people always think that the softer the bed, the more comfortable it is. The effect of. Everyone says: 'Mattresses are better with moderate hardness.' Moderate hardness means: your mattress can easily accept your body shape, balance your rest weight, and make you lie on your side. Or lying flat, the spine maintains a parallel line of pressure release. Sleeping on unsuitable mattresses for a long time endangers the physical and mental health of the spine. Many people sleep with backaches and backaches. It is also caused by not choosing the right mattress. A bed that is too soft or sturdy is a natural physiological tilt that destroys the spine. Therefore, whether it is a child or an adult, the choice of mattress must be more cautious. 4 major criteria for choosing a mattress! Choosing the right one is for physical and mental health! ① Keep in mind a standard of moderate softness: the mattress cannot be hard enough to be deformed, nor soft enough to deform too much. ②Adhesion degree: Lie flat and forcefully measure a suitable mattress to maintain the natural flexion and extension of the spine, which fully caters to the shoulders, waist, and hips, leaving no gaps. Teach you a way: Lie flat on a mattress, put your hands to the head, neck, abdomen, and hips to the middle of the three significant bending areas of the thighs, and lift them inward to see if there are gaps in the wood; then turn to one side, In the same way, try the dent part of the body curve chart and the space between the mattress. ③ Contrasting force: There are two key ways to design the spring spring in the mattress: Bangsale electromagnetic coil and bag electromagnetic coil. All the springs of the Bangsal solenoid coil are connected in one piece, which means that if the person sleeping next to you turns over, the sound is transmitted by the spring. Because of the self-consciousness of the spring, the bagged electromagnetic coil can not only avoid this kind of situation, but also relieve the working pressure of different parts of the body as soon as possible, and the comfort will be better. ④Select the mattress material according to the material. The mattress is divided into foam mattresses, natural latex mattresses, spring mattresses, and silk quilt mattresses. Different mattresses have different comfort and versatility. Among them, spring mattresses are more prominent in terms of cost-effectiveness and comfort. From a comprehensive point of view, if you want to sleep soundly and maintain people's spine physical and mental health, it is very important to have a mattress with moderate hardness and softness, excellent materials, and improved body suitability!
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