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mattress structure introduction from Synwin mattress factory


Sleep is the foundation of health, how to have a healthy sleep? In addition to work, life, physical, psychological and other reasons, to have a "hygienic, comfortable, beautiful, durable" health bedding - mattress is the key to get quality sleep which is mostly hinged upon mattress.

As a professional mattress factory, Synwin is here to popularize a basic construction knowledge.

Softness and hardness of mattress

Although most doctors recommend that people with back pain switch to a hard mattress, according to the German Association for the Health of the Back (AGR), a mattress with a moderate hardness is the best way to improve back pain, because a mattress that is too hard, it will be not conducive to the natural curvature of the spine.

Too soft mattress: it does not give spine strong support, harmful to health.

Hard mattress : it suspends spine and fails to fully support the lower part of waist.

Moderate hardness mattress: it can even support spine the best position, this is the most ideal mattress.

Core structure of mattress

At present, there are a variety of mattress core materials on the market, according to the survey we found that in the market, spring is still the main material of manufacturing mattress core for mattress factory, spring and mattress containing spring ingredients that are the mainstream product, accounting for 63.7% of mattress used by the respondents. 

The market share of palm cushion products is still relatively small, accounting for only 21.8%, among which,  mountain palm mattress is the mainstream of palm cushion, accounting for 17.1, and coconut palm has a smaller share of 2.4%.

Classification of spring mattress

1) Link type: all individuals with spiral wire spring are strung together, that becomes a community of "stress", although slight rebound, but because of spring system of this spring mattress is not completely accord with human body engineering principle, social phenomena, a compression spring will involve each other near, spring force, durability of this spring mattress is poorer, prone to collapse, long-term sleep on this spring mattres will bring negative influence to spine.

2) Bagging freestanding type: each individual spring is pressed into bag and then connected and arranged in orfder.

Its characteristic is that each spring body operates independently, supports body independently. Therefore, when two objects are placed together in bed, with one side rotation, the other side will not be disturbed, but under long-term use, of this spring mattressm independent spring is easy to gradually lose elasticity.

3)  Linear & vertical type: this spring mattress is formed by a continuous line of fine steel, from head to tail in one formation. Its advantage is to adopt the overall fault-free structure spring, along natural curve of human spine to appropriately even support. In addition, its spring structure is not easy to produce elastic fatigue.

4)Linear & integral type: this spring mattress is netted by a continuous fine steel wire, from automatic precision machinery to mechanical structure to form its overall shape.

According to principle of human mechanics, spring is arranged into a triangular structure, and weight and pressure it bears are made into pyramid-shaped support, and the force is scattered around to ensure elasticity of  spring that is always new. The advantage is that this spring mattress is soft and hard, with ergonomic effect, which can provide comfortable sleep and protect human spine.

Through different processing and setting of  spring, spring mattress is divided into 7 sections, and the elasticity of each area is accurately calculated according to weight of each part of body.

Heaviest is hip, where the biggest and the most soft elastic spring mattress should support, so that every body can get strong support for healthy and comfortable sleep, so as to solve problem of local compression body, which make human body weight of each part are thus able to get the most scientific care, always parallel to bed of backbone.

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