Buy a cheap mattress, have a late night and bin your pillow: Why everything you know about sleep is wrong

In the past 30 years, I have devoted my life to sleep.
From Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo to Pendleton and Laura Troot, I have been teaching sports stars how to make the most of sleep.
I found a lot of talk about sleep nonsense.
The secret to waking up feeling rested is not how much you spend on a mattress, nor is it trying to sleep eight hours a night.
In fact, if you really want a good night\'s sleep
Who\'s not? —
It\'s time to get rid of the rules book and start over.
My advice may sound the opposite of common sense, but they are the best you \'ve ever heard. . .
Don\'t buy the most expensive mattress. The first thing the bedding industry should be aware of is that there is very little regulation.
Anyone can put the label \"orthopedic doctor\" on the bed
They don\'t have to be whole bones doctors, and they don\'t have to put mattresses through a lot of tests.
The manufacturer can make the springs smaller so they can put the 2,000 in the mattress to beat the 1,500-
Spring mattresses advertised by their competitors, but this is not necessarily a better bed.
Bedding stores can sell mattresses of 2,000
How much is the spring mattress actually in the King-
The size in the double is much smaller.
So don\'t buy a mattress because of the label on the mattress.
Price tag included.
It doesn\'t make sense to spend thousands on the wrong mattress. And people do.
Manufacturers claim their mattresses will last for ten years, so people say they can buy 1,500 or more for only 150 a year.
But ten years later, not only is it a mattress full of stains, hair and dead skin cells, but it will degrade no matter how resilient and sturdy it was initially.
It\'s better to buy a mattress that suits you for only 200 or 300 and replace it more often.
Take a selfie in bed how do you know which mattress is for you?
The only sleeping position I recommend is on your side-
This is the best for posture adjustments, and you are unlikely to snore and Wake yourself or your partner up.
I suggest you sleep in your nondominant side —
It is less used and therefore less sensitive. So right-
Sleep on the left hand and vice versa.
This keeps the brain happy because your strengths are ready to protect you.
To find the best position, keep a good upright position and fold your arms gently.
Bend your knees into a comfortable and balanced position.
This is your fetal position.
Rotate the body to the side for a quarter and you will be in the best fetal position.
Lie down now and try this.
Occupy this position on the mattress you tested and lie in your non
Directly on the dominant side of the top of the mattress (no sheets and pillows ).
If it fits you, a straight line should be formed for your spine, neck and head.
To check this, take a selfie or have someone else take a picture of your head relative to the surface of the mattress.
If when your head, neck and spine are aligned, there is a 6 cm or more clear gap between your head and the mattress, your head needs to drop towards the surface and the mattress is too strong.
If your hips fall on the mattress and are not aligned and your head is lifted by the mattress, then it is too soft.
Once you find the perfect mattress, your pillow becomes redundant.
But this is a very difficult habit to develop.
When the mattress is too knotted in real time, we use the pillow to fill the gap between the head and the surface.
When the mattresses are too soft, they push our heads further, causing a pose problem.
If you sleep on two or more pillows, you either have a very strong mattress or you will accumulate trouble for yourself.
If you have to have a pillow, with a light pillow, on the mattress on the right, it will compress to suit you.
Replacing a cheap basement polyester pillow regularly (around each year) is better than replacing an expensive \"orthopedic\" neck brace.
Your bedding should be hypoallergenic, whether you are allergic or not.
Allergens can affect the breathing at night, making it difficult to breathe through the nose.
If you breathe through your mouth, you are more likely to snore or dry your mouth, which will disrupt your sleep.
Your bedding needs to be breathable so you can stay cool under the bed cover.
I also believe in fresh and clean sheets.
It\'s not scientific. it\'s psychological.
The bed was fresh and comfortable.
When I work with the British cycling team, I insist on fresh sheets every night.
For this reason, humans
The materials made are better.
Nanotechnology can bring the size of the fibers to a fraction of any natural product, so breathability and drying speed are invincible, meaning you are more likely to wash and dry bedding more frequently.
If you are not comfortable with this or it is not possible without your Egyptian cotton, go and buy about 300 of the line, which will provide you with the best natural breathability.
Starting to sleep on a periodic basis, not minutes per hour, is the length of time a person needs to go through the sleep phase that constitutes the cycle under clinical conditions, including light and deep sleep.
The amount of light and deep sleep we get varies depending on the cycle, but ideally we\'ll spend a night in bed and smoothly transition from one cycle to the next, in the mode of sleep-wake-sleep-wake, sleep is gradually reduced until wake up in the morning.
This is the key to getting the right quality of sleep: all the light and deep sleep we need is in a series of cycles and feels like a long and continuous night.
Unfortunately, if we don\'t sleep well and keep waking up before we get into deep sleep, it doesn\'t matter how much we sleep --
We did not fully benefit from it.
Starting with five cycles per night-that’s seven-and-a-half hours.
Figure out when you need to wake up (in an ideal world, you get up at the same time every day, because it works best when your body is in rhythm) and at 90-
A minute cycle to determine when you should sleep.
If you choose 7
At 30 in the morning as your time to get up, you should fall asleep before midnight, which means to curl up and relax 15 minutes ago --
Or no matter how long it takes you to fall asleep.
Try five cycles and see how you feel in seven days.
If this time is too long, move down to four. Not enough? Move up to six.
You will know because you should feel more rested once you get used to it.
Part of the reason people don\'t sleep well is because they are obsessed with eight hours of sleep a night.
But if you start to think through a cycle of hours a week instead of a night, it takes less stress.
Therefore, the goal of a person who needs five cycles a night is 35 cycles a week.
All of a sudden, a bad night out of 7 people doesn\'t seem too bad.
This is not allor-
No more than 8 hours per night
For ordinary people, 35 cycles per week is ideal;
28 (6 hours a night) to 30.
The only thing I would suggest is to avoid having less cycles than your ideal for three consecutive nights. SNORING?
Tie your mouth up and you may take breathing for granted, but if we want to sleep undisturbed during the sleep cycle, it is critical to correct breathing while we sleep.
Common diseases such as snoring and sleep apnoea-
In this case, the patient stops breathing repeatedly at night, and the oxygen warning light of the brain wakes them up every time, which may significantly disrupt sleep.
Both cases can be breathed through the mouth rather than through the nose.
The right nasal wing expands the nasal passage and promotes nasal breathing.
One breathing expert I know even suggested closing your mouth with a light, hypoallergenic medical tape forcing your body to breathe through your nose at night.
He said that when he adopted this method, his sleep quality had been improved immeasurably.
You need to practice, but it\'s definitely safe.
You won\'t suffocate during your sleep, which may help. PRIORITISE PRE-SLEEP AND POST-
Sleep is not only the time you really fall asleep, it\'s also 90 minutes on both sides because of your front and back
Sleep habits directly affect your sleep quality and waking day.
For example, if I plan to sleep at eleven o\'clock P. M. , I will start preparing at 9. 30pm.
I can have some snacks if I am still hungry.
I drink my last drink at night so I don\'t wake up thirsty.
I go to the toilet so I don\'t wake up in the middle of the night and need a bathroom.
I turn off the technology, dim the lights, wash, tidy up, write down the thoughts of the day, basically clean the deck so that when I can fall asleep, I don\'t lie awake and think. If pre-
Sleep is to prepare for the best quality of sleep
Sleep is to ensure that work and subsequent sleep time are not wasted.
Start by getting as much light as possible into your room to help start your biological clock.
Have a big breakfast to cheer your body up and if you do it now is a good time to do it.
Otherwise, let your brain work properly by listening to the radio or podcast, but once you wake up, try not to check emails and reminders on your phone.
Your hormone levels
Stress hormones
Wake up to the highest level soon, you don\'t need to make them higher, so within 90 minutes of waking up, but for at least 15 minutes, try not to make the technology appear in the ideal state.
Don\'t go to bed early because your life is not perfect, even if you get up at the same time every day.
Late dinner, late train, or anything else can mean you can\'t go to bed at planned midnight bedtime.
If you\'re still full, end the journey or don\'t turn it off, go to bed at 12.
30 will not let you sleep better.
It sounds strange, but in fact, through your pre-
Sleep ceremony, let your bedtime 90 minutes later than usual, at 1.
So you skipped the first sleep cycle completely.
Compared to five bad cycles, you will feel like you have more rest in four decent cycles.
Claire Coleman is adapted from sleep: The Myth of 8 hours, the power of a nap. . .
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