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When mattresses meet ergonomics, how does the construction of innovative standards create new sparks?


When mattresses meet ergonomics, how does the construction of innovative standards create new sparks?

Importance of setting standards

           Sleep-Carrying one-third of human time, mattresses, as an indispensable platform, have suffered frequent setbacks in the current development and transformation. Companies have repeatedly asked how to produce mattresses that meet consumer needs? Dealers often wonder why a good-quality mattress will be evaluated as a bad experience for consumers? Consumers often wonder how to choose a mattress that suits them on the e-commerce platform?          

           The development of mattresses currently needs to solve two major issues: health and comfort, and these two properties are not as lockable as physical and chemical properties, appearance and other properties.Therefore, quantifying non-quantitative indicators through a unified standard is a major move to advance the development of the mattress industry.             

           The use of this standard by e-commerce platforms will also effectively promote mattress design, production and sales to match consumer demand.

BEST 2021

Fill in the gap and develop innovative mattress standards

What is the value of the mattress ergonomic evaluation method? This evaluation method currently fills the gap in domestic and foreign standards and provides a scientific, reliable and effective testing method for mattress companies. Mattress companies can carry out quantifiable customized production in the design and development stage, and continuously improve inefficient designs and production methods.

In fact, the theoretical tools for the research on mattress furniture standards are very mature, but the current research on soft furniture standards only stays at the development of empirical description and comparative research, which can be regarded as "going on the battlefield with bare hands." If the basic coordinates and orientation of mattress ergonomics in the knowledge map of the method system can be established, furniture companies and the entire furniture industry will have more discoveries in this subdivision field.

The standardization of mattresses should be a powerful weapon to see through the practical production experience of mattresses. Only under the guidance of standard theory can production be closely linked with market demand and the progress of the times. The establishment of mattress standardization has given production and the market the possibility of dialogue, questioning, and even the opportunity to revise and rebuild the standard.

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