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What should I do if the mattress is noisy when turning over?


What should I do if the mattress is noisy when turning over?

This is typical bed noise, also called mattress noise.

The formation of this mattress noise is due to several reasons:

1. Mattress springs are the most important factor. Generally, the whole net springs will have this problem. When a person turns over and moves while sleeping, his body weight is pressed, and the reed wires between the springs are rubbed, resulting in a spring sound. There are two types of spring sounds, one is: click, which is very brittle, and the other is bounce, accompanied by light echo, spring factor occupies more than 90%.

2. The silent technology is not done well, including the use of silent cotton is not in place.

3. The manufacturing process is not well integrated. The artificial dynamics and anti-dynamics generated during sleep. The low audio frequency generated by this dynamic is called sleep dynamics. The reason is the overall structure of the mattress. On the one hand, it is the spring cushion of the mattress. The speed is too slow, one is that the buffering speed of the spring is too fast, but the sound of this dynamic wave is extremely small. It is completely ignored, because it is almost impossible to hear, even ordinary people are hard to hear.

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