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What makes spring mattress a right fit for hotel mattress to boost business


News coming from one of top wholesale spring mattress suppliers, Synwin Global Co.,Ltd. walks you through why spring mattress is necessity for hotels to scale up their business. Most of hotels generally will sort mattress into consumables, rather than be able to bear. Not just in hotels, but even in families, mattresses are considered worn out. As any entity running business, only when it maximzes its customers' experience will its footfall beef up, specificially, as a hotel, it is to serve for customers with sound and sweet sleep with its comfortable mattress bed.

When it comes down to sleep, a well-structured and humanbody-friendly mattress matters to provide customers with best sleep experience.

A bad mattress on which to sleep, the weight of the hips and shoulders will compress the waist springs, and the waist will be suspended for lack of support.The spine tends to tilt and can lead to bends and humps.Therefore, orthopedics at home and abroad call for people to sleep on a healthy and high-quality mattress.

Best spring mattress is consisted of spring, felt, palm, foam layer and textile fabrics. Generally speaking, spring mattress are strong and durable, the first choice for hotel mattress purchase. If spring system of bed mattress is good or bad, it determines  mattress comfort. The traditional spring mattress, string together all spring, a turn of action, the mattress will move, it is not conducive to continue to sleep late. Independent bags spring system can better support human body, body will not feel uncomfortable because of the pressure. 5 area design mattress are supported five important part of the body, to keep the spine during sleep state of nature. The shoulders and hips natural subsidence, spring mattress can support head, waist, legs, waist and back muscles, sleepers do not need to work all night to change the natural state of the spine, nature can sleep all night is very safe. Independent bagged spring system. 

Another advantage is that to make sure that the two men will not interfere with sleep, sleep do not interrupt each other. In addition, the more the spring mattress has, the strong point of the rich to the body, therefore, without moving body, users can easily find the most comfortable posture. Spring mattress can be used with ribs type bed board or spring bed board.

Nowadays, in order to make a living, many people are busy with their work and hurry on their way. Working from 9am to 5pm, the best way to release your pressure is to sleep in a comfortable and soft big bed, which is a happy thing after a day of struggle. A comfortable big bed with a flexible spring mattress in addition to warm quilts. In the market, the choice of spring mattress is very popular, what are the advantages and disadvantages of spring mattress? Continue to read this article from best spring mattress factory to find more info the advantages and disadvantages of spring mattress.

Advantages of spring mattress:

Spring mattress is a modern and commonly used mattress with better performance. Spring mattress is more durable than other mattresses and is the first choice to buy a mattress. The newest mattress that has developed breathability and impact resistance are enhanced greatly, its soft and hard degree and the support strength of human body are more reasonable, the body also won't feel unwell because of pressure. We who work all day find it easy to find the most comfortable position no matter how we move during the night break. In a word, spring mattress has good elasticity, better support, strong air permeability, durability and so on. 

Contemporary with the entry of foreign advanced technology and the application of a large number of patents, spring mattress has been subdivided into a lot of categories, such as independent bag bed net, five area patent bed net, spring and latex system and so on, greatly enrich people's choice.

Disadvantages of spring mattressIn order to guarantee the quality of the spring, the steel wire inside the spring has rustproof chemicals on the surface when selecting the material. Interlocking spring beds can cause tension in the muscles of the cervical and lumbar spine, neck and shoulder stiffness, and back pain.Independent spring-lined mattresses use a lot of super glue to fix the interlining inside, and the interlining, with up to three layers in the middle, is where the dirt is. At this point, most of us should be looking at the eco-friendly springboards. 

Finally for everyone to popularize a point of knowledge, our home if there are old people and children to pay attention to.The mattess that is too soft or too hard of the child that is worth developing stage commonly is not appropriate, the stand or fall that we choose mattess, can affect child vertebra development directly.The mattess that is too soft to the old person is easy to fall, rise difficult, to the old person with loose bone gradually, still choose the mattess with taller hardness advisable.Above is the advantages and disadvantages of the spring mattress about the introduction, I believe that we have a certain understanding of the spring mattress.

Mattress springs allow us to find a comfortable position no matter how we lie down at rest. However, it is important to learn how to choose the right quality mattress. Choosing the wrong quality mattress or mattress can affect your neck. Therefore, mostly hotels choose spring mattress.

What kind of spring mattress hotel should wholesale for its best customer's sleeping experience, coming next is pros and cons analysis of the whole network of springs and independent springs.

The whole network spring is also called Bonnier spring, is a kind of upper and lower end diameter is large, the middle diameter is small, the end face hits the knot to make a kind of spring, has the strong spring, the vertical support performance is outstanding, never collapses and so on the characteristic. The thickness of steel wire, the number of spring rings, the height of a single spring ring, and the way the spring rings are connected, these will affect the quality of the spring mattress.

The biggest advantage of the whole network spring is high cost performance, there are mainly three disadvantages:

Relatively hard, suitable for those who like to sleep in a hard bed;

The structure of the spring is the whole network, the person next to turn over, the feeling will be obvious, the interference is greater;

The spring of this kind of whole plane type, basic it is impossible to fit human body curve.

Independent bag spring as its name, is a single produced spring wrapped into a non-woven cloth bag into a bag of springs, through the neat arrangement and then by the automatic adhesive machine series into a whole sheet.

Independent bagged springs have two advantages:

Independent bagged spring internal springs can operate independently to support the force, turn on the zero tone mode, turn over overnight will not disturb the partner, ensure comfortable sleep, effectively promote deep sleep, improve the quality of sleep.

Independent bagged springs are made of high quality spring wire coiled around the city in the shape of "independent barrel", sealed in the fiber bag after compression process, which can effectively avoid moldy, moth and friction between springs to produce noise.

In view of the superior sleep experience provided by independent bagged springs compared with full mesh springs.

Therefore, in today's hotel mattress, independent bag spring for spring mattress is prefered regarding hotel spring mattress, and a tip for 2020 highly-rated wholesale mattress supplier, Synwing spring mattress factory experienced in hotel spring mattress from design to sales & marketing. More importantly, this competitive spring mattress company also provides global customers with one-stop custom spring mattress solution, if you're looking for custom hotel mattress, welcome to click in "custom mattress", and get more details about this mattress company's service.

To continue to finish reading this article contributed by Synwin is suggested regardless of if you are a mattress buyer or just someone who spends 8 hours on bed with or without spring mattress. 


    Speaking of spring mattress purchase,  buyser had better choose well-known brand, say Synwin spring mattress, one of competitive spring mattress suppliers.

    Generally speaking, the logo of normal products should contain at least the following relevant contents: product name, specification model, implementation standard, number, inspection certificate, production date, name and address of mattress manufacturer.

    In addition, to identify the quality of spring mattress is a trick, called "one look two pressure three listen."

    (1) look: not only to see whether the appearance of the spring mattress thickness uniformity, surface level and line marks symmetrical beautiful, and so on, but also to see whether the spring mattress has a certificate (namely by the legal registration of the brand mattress authorized each mat a certificate).

    (2) Pressure: the spring mattress should be tested by hand. First, the diagonal pressure of the mattress should be tested (if the mattress is of qualified quality, the diagonal pressure should be balanced and symmetrical).

    Next even tries pressure mattess surface again, if fill is distributed even, explain rebound force is balanced, the quality of corresponding mattess is better, if possible word, consumer had better be able to lie to go up experience personally.

    Listen: that is to detect the quality of the mattress spring measures.

    For example, the quality of the spring in the flapping, back elastic, and slightly uniform spring song;

    Rust and poor quality spring products not only poor elasticity, in the extrusion state will usually be issued under the "crunch" sound.


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