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What is a Pillow Top , Euro Top and Tight Top Mattress?


What is a Pillow-Top mattress?

Pillow top mattresses have a layer of padding sewn directly on top of the bed. This layer is often constructed of memory foam, gel memory foam, latex foam, polyurethane foam, fiberfill, cotton, or wool. The padding of a pillow top is placed on top of the mattress cover. Therefore, the additional layer does not sit flush with the mattress. Instead, there is often a 1-inch gap between the topper and the surface of the bed.

Pillow top mattresses are available in several different firmness levels, from plush to firm. The additional layer of padding cushions the joints and provides pressure point relief.

What is a Euro Top mattress?

Like a pillow top mattress, a Euro top has an additional layer of padding placed on top of the bed. However, on a Euro top, this extra layer is sewn beneath the mattress cover. This design allows the padding to sit flush with the mattress and prevents any gapping.

The padding of a Euro top bed is often made of memory, latex, polyurethane foam, cotton, wool, or a polyester fiberfill. Euro tops are typically the most expensive and the thickest type of innerspring bed due to the extra layers of padding on top.

What is a Tight Top Mattress?

Unlike pillow top and Euro-top mattresses, tight top beds do not have a thick layer of cushioning attached to the top of the mattress’s comfort layer. Instead, tight top beds have a layer of upholstery-like fabric, typically made of cotton, wool, or polyester, stretched tightly across the top of the mattress.

Tight top beds are available in soft and firm varieties. Those labeled as “plush tight top mattresses” often have a slightly thicker, softer top layer. However, because the top layer sits just a few inches above the coil system, most tight top beds offer minimal compression and contouring. For this reason, tight tops are much thinner and firmer than other mattress types.

Who Are Tight Top Mattresses Recommended For?

Tight top mattresses are bouncy and may be too firm for most sleepers. However, if you are a back sleeper or a plus-size sleeper, you may find the comfort and support you need on a tight-top 

Is a plush or firm mattress better?

Mattress comfort is subjective. So, whether a soft or firm bed feels most comfortable depends on your body type and sleep style. In most cases, softer mattresses are ideal for side sleepers and petite sleepers who need more cushioning and compression near the joints.

However, when selecting a soft mattress, be sure to choose one with a responsive transition layer and targeted support to the lumbar spine. This support will prevent deep sinking, which can force the spine out of alignment and lead to morning aches and pains.

If you are a back sleeper or a plus-size individual, you may prefer a firm mattress. Firm beds have less give, so sleepers naturally sink less. With the hips and shoulders lifted, the spine is less likely to bow and cause muscle tension.



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