We Tested All the Direct-to-Consumer Mattresses—Here\'s the Best One

When decorating our house, mattresses are often placed at the bottom of the priority list.
When we are young, we will spend many years. me-
The mattress brought down from our childhood home, or the mattress left by the old roommate.
Unlike other household items such as bedding, sofas and carpets, mattresses are something you rarely see --
This makes no sense in shopping.
In a sense, buying a mattress is a bit like buying a washer/dryer hidden in a closet --
You will never look at it, but you want it to do the job well.
While we basically ignored the importance of a good mattress in our 20 s, there is usually a turning point.
Maybe because of strong chronic back pain, or having a particularly comfortable night at the age of five
A star hotel, but it is usually a revelation: Yes, it is very possible to have a good sleep and wake up feeling great --
This has more to do with our mattress than waking up without a hangover.
However, unlike other large shopping, in which you can see the quality of the wood or feel the softness of the fabric, the mattresses are perfectly packaged, sealed in quality and safety, beyond the eyes
New Mattressin-a-
Box company wants to change the way we jump for perfect sleep.
We buy online now instead of lying awkwardly in the big mattress showroom
If we are not completely satisfied, it will be easy for us to get a return.
To help guide you in the search for the perfect mattress, our editors are direct to allto-
Consumer mattressesand reviewed every detail in a ratio of 1 to 5.
Ready to leap to the brand --new mattress?
Read all this in.
Deep mattress reviews-
Waiting for your best sleep.
First impression: \"The first time I saw it was when the delivery guy opened it in my room.
After opening the mattress, I was shocked by the speed at which the mattress was formed.
I can see it when I look at it. it\'s like sleeping on a cloud.
5/5 delivery: \"The delivery was perfect, the team arranged the arrival time of the mattress and it took only about 15 minutes for the whole process.
They came in and out with my old mattress and it was very convenient.
5/5 easy to install: \"Very easy, the guys were very helpful and even adjusted the bed frame for me.
\"5/5 soft/sturdy:\" The first few nights were like sleeping on the softest cloud.
After a few weeks of sleep, I did notice that it was actually stronger than my old mattress because I liked the soft feeling better. Very pleasant.
That\'s exactly what I need in terms of support and comfort.
4/5 Price: \"less than $2000, I would say it is at a good price.
5/5 support: \"With the feather hat and linen sheets on the parachute, I can say that my sleep has definitely been upgraded.
The medium and strong mattress is perfect for those who like to sleep a little stronger.
\"4/5 Final Score: 28/30 parachute mattress, Queen ($1899)
First impression: \"The first time I saw it, literally it looked like a cloud.
Since my previous mattress was not of the highest quality, I was impressed with the fabric and stitching on the mattress.
You can see from it that it really does a good job.
5/5 delivery: \"We had some hiccups during the delivery.
I found it a bit difficult to take the time to call and sort out the details, but overall the company was very helpful and attentive to my needs and worked with my schedule, to accommodate the final determination of the delivery date and details.
And they are super nice!
4/5 easy to install: \"It took up to 10 minutes to get up and down from the truck and install it in my room.
Overall, the actual installation was very smooth and the delivery staff was very helpful.
4/5 soft/Strong: \"I don\'t think I slept so well for a long time.
I got a solid memory foam mattress for relaxation, so when I put it down, it basically revolves around me, burritos --which I love.
It\'s a great choice if you like to sink into bed and let it push you back.
I also find that my old bed is often overheated, but depending on the shape of this mattress on your body, I never feel cold or hot at night.
5/5 Price: \"Considering that this is a memory foam mattress, it is very good price compared to other brands and can make you reach $3000.
From my cheap $300 mattress transfer to this one, what I learned is that you really got what you paid, for those who want to invest in a good mattress but don\'t want to spend too much money, this mattress is a good price.
5/5 support: \"I usually wake up a little sore because of the stiffness of the tossing and turning sides and the previous mattress, but I wake up feeling energetic.
It has proper support-
It is not stiff and perfectly matched with your body.
This is a cloud.
[5/5 Final Score: 28/30 Saatva Classic mattress ($899)
First impression: \"Once I finally lay on this bed, all the above problems are gone --
Like a cloud.
I fell in love with my parents\' temurpedic bed when I was young and I always wanted a soft and consistent mattress.
Sonno mattress is perfect for me
When you are asleep, you are a bit integrated into it, to the point where it is much more difficult for me to get up in the morning.
The pillows are also very comfortable.
The only complaint here is that they may not be the best option for a person who likes a non-often flat, comfortable pillow as they keep their body very well/keep your head
\"5/5 delivery:\" After receiving multiple email updates about mattress delivery, I plan to work from home for half a day in order to hum after UPS staff arrive. Given a four-
One hour delivery window from 2: 45 to 6: 45m.
, I left work about two, only to find two big mattress boxes sitting at the entrance of my building when I got home (
Earlier than I expected).
Considering I live in fifth. floor walk-
It was a bit of a problem at the time.
Thankfully, I got help from two people who happened to be starting over.
My apartment building was tiled and he graciously agreed to help me carry the case up to 10 stairs.
In addition to consistent email updates on delivery, delivery is more stressful than expected --
However, more UPS failures.
1/5 easy to install: \"Although the mattress is easy to install, the bed frame assembly is three-
I didn\'t finish the process for an hour until around 11. m. after work.
I don\'t take double responsibility.
Check out the website about the compilation, but I\'m surprised how many things can be put together --
Especially considering that the whole idea behind the mattress is portable and easy to install.
Having said that, considering that I am not hardworking at all, living in a very small apartment, I may also work harder than the average person.
As far as the mattress itself is concerned, roll apart from being a bit heavy
Easy and convenient to go out and finish in 10 minutes.
2/5 soft/sturdy: \"As I mentioned earlier, the Sonno mattress is the perfect combination of my softness and firmness.
While you will definitely fit into it and just touch it, it\'s not too much and it won\'t make you feel that it can be harmful to your back.
I wouldn\'t say it\'s the best option for someone who likes a very hard bed, but I think it perfectly captures the line between softness and firmness.
I ordered a sturdy/medium mattress for reference.
5/5 Price: \"In terms of quality, I think the price of the Sonno mattress is very reasonable!
I would recommend it to friends/family.
4/5 support: \"Although I only slept on the mattress for less than a week now, I do think it provides a good sense of support and doesn\'t seem to give it much support.
As a person who likes a soft mattress, this is my perfect combination.
I have been tossing a lot in my sleep and I can spend half an hour to two hours going to bed.
But I really think I sleep faster on this mattress because it\'s not as resilient as a normal spring mattress and can absorb my whole night\'s movement.
This is probably my favorite part!
[4/5 Final Score: 21/30 Sonno mattress ($875)
First impression: \"I was able to buy it online, open the mattress and put it on the bed myself, which made me want to never go back to the traditional age
Shop shopping and delivery of mattresses.
I like the fact that I am able to shop online and send the mattress to my door.
5/5 delivery: \"The delivery staff kindly took the box to my apartment and hallway, but dragged the box to 3 feet on my bed and made me sweat a few drops.
I almost untied it too-
I\'m glad I didn\'t!
It may be a bit tricky for me to turn it over myself.
\"4/5 easy to install:\" After supporting on the bed, through the multi-layer packaging-
The vacuum seal is real.
I watched the mattress revive like magic.
I just hope my Snapchat is ready!
5/5 soft/sturdy: \"It didn\'t really bounce back the first time I was sitting on the mattress, and I remember I was worried it would be too strong.
Proof of fact-
This is absolutely perfect.
I never woke up with backache.
Unless I sleep at the hotel.
In fact, even the most comfortable hotel bed makes me feel back pain.
I noticed the difference right away.
\"5/5 price:\" Considering that I used to buy a memory foam mattress that didn\'t feel very comfortable for 3 times the price of Tuft & Needle, I think this mattress was stolen.
5/5 support: \"I \'ve read that Tuft & Needle was on a firmer side and it made me a little nervous at first, but it turned out to be a blessing in disguise.
It\'s been a while now and I feel a lot better on my back.
I can\'t get up in the morning either-
This is a proof of how comfortable it is.
I am definitely a firm mattress conversion.
To get this comfortable feeling I just make sure everything else
Pillows and duvets-
It\'s extra fluffy.
This is the best of both worlds.
\"5/5 Final Score: 29/30 clusters and needle mattresses ($600)
First impression: \"I was packed by them --
It\'s cheeky and conversational, and the text on the box says \"Read me before opening it further \".
Then it read my impatient heart and said, \"no guide to reading ? \"?
It doesn\'t matter, just break the bag and watch your mattress revive.
\"The lifestyle of the mattress is creepy, but at least it fits the big words of it!
5/5 delivery: \"Delivery is very easy!
Customer service agent Diane sent me tracking information when they didn\'t deliver it for the first time (
The fault of FedEx, not yoga.
She called them for me! Saint Diane.
\"Simplicity of the 5/5 installation:\" I\'m a 5\'4 with no power in the Delta/bicep area \"lady, but I was able to do the whole process on my own!
The box is designed with a handle cut for easy carrying.
There is no excess packaging material and it is vacuum packed so compression can be easily lifted to your box spring.
5/5 softness/hardness: \"As a kind of memory foam, it is much more buffered than I am used.
It is also thinner and deeper than my previous mattress so I am adjusting.
After four nights of sleep, though, I had a good rest.
I spent a lot longer in bed this weekend than usual because it was so comfortable. Like a cloud!
5/5 Price: \"I think the Queen\'s mattress is really affordable for $874.
It also comes with two memory foam pillows and a removable zip cover for easy cleaning.
5/5 support: \"I am not in good health --
Proficient in mattress terminology but very supportive of memory foam feeling.
I used to have a more traditional mattress and since it has adapted to your body I will never wake up to pain or stiffness because of it.
[Final Score: 30/30 yoga mattress ($874)
First impression: \"I was shocked that the whole mattress could be accommodated in such a compact box.
I the third times get up not difficult
It\'s a feat, so it\'s an incredible news.
First impression-
Absolutely favorable.
5/5 delivery: \"Delivery is early!
Since I live in New York and work full time and don\'t have a doorman, it\'s usually hard to rely on packages to get to my house.
5/5 easy to install: \"It\'s very easy to open and install on my bed.
In fact, basically mind compared to how difficult it is to move and handle my old mattress --blowing.
5/5 soft/sturdy: \"the mattress itself is thinner than I expected, so I\'m afraid it will be uncomfortable.
I like it very much, although it is firm.
Price: \"I\'m really, really impressed ! \"
In terms of price, this mattress is everything it claims.
5/5 stand: \"I hope it\'s thicker and more pillows --
If I had my choice.
Final score of 4/5: 28/30 OSO mattress ($925)
First impression: \"Customer service is impeccable and everything I have is as mentioned before.
The size and weight of the box is a bit scary, but the fact that the whole mattress is in the box is amazing!
I suggest your partner be there or have a BFF and a bottle of wine during the unfolding.
\"5/5 delivery:\" I am happy to receive an email update about my mattress status and know exactly when I will receive it, which is perfect for mesince I need to plan to be at home.
However, the delivery guy wouldn\'t take the box upstairs, so I had to carry it far away, which I wasn\'t prepared to do.
One option for the old mattress removal is to add a good content on Helix\'s website.
2/5 easy to install: \"I had to call my friend and help me move the mattress!
If I could do it again, I would roll the box into my bedroom instead of taking it out of the box and bringing the rolled up mattress to my bedroom.
\"3/5 soft/sturdy:\" Before I filled out custom quizzes on Helix\'s website, I read a few reviews carefully that said their mattresses tend to be stronger.
So I chose \"half
Although with a typical mattress, I will go to \"fix \". Semi-
The company seems appropriate;
I just want it to be a little bit harder.
\"4/5 Price:\" My custom retail price
The size of the spiral mattress is $800, considering that one of the three-story mattresses is made of polyurethane, I don\'t think it\'s worth much.
However, I have micro coils and natural latex layers on board.
After doing some research, I found that the most toxic part of the polyurethane mattress foam is usually the flame-
Flame retardant chemicals required by law.
After calling Helix\'s customer service hotline and talking to a great agent, I know the flame --
Three-flame retardant housing around
The layered mattress contains silicone instead of the harmful spray or chemical I am worried about.
I also find it entirely necessary to order a mattress hat, so unless you\'re used to sleeping on a foam mattress, you might want to add that to your budget.
2/5 support: \"The spiral custom quiz asks about your height, weight. and body shape.
After sleeping on the mattress, it felt like the natural latex layer gave me more hip support than other mattresses.
Impressed me.
Final score of 5/5: 21/30 spiral mattress ($900)
First impression: \"The packaging is everything, the mattress is in a big box, it\'s easy --to-
Read the instructions and thank you letter. Adorable.
\"5/5 delivery:\" It arrived when I requested it on Sunday afternoon with instructions on how to unroll in the box --up mattress.
\"5/5 ease of installation:\" The mattress is huge, so it took me two people to get it out of the box, and then I needed a pair of scissors to remove the binding.
It would be great if the binding could be removed with a quick rip like a UPS envelope.
Soft/Strong: \"I hope the mattress is a little bit stronger.
Price: affordable.
5/5 support: \"Although it\'s not as strong as I like it, the mattress is too deep to feel like nothing can spoil my sleep.
Every time I climb up the bed, it feels like a mountain, like a princess and a pea.
The height of the mattress makes me feel that the elements of why I am not comfortable when I leave office are far away --
Whether it\'s my phone or my peas.
I can only describe it in one word: dream.
4/5 Final Score: 26/30 Casper mattress ($850)
First impression: \"The design of this mattress is very clean and modern, I like it.
Each side is clearly marked with a firm logo and a soft logo, so it is easy to identify which side is which side.
It was a great feeling when I was in bed for the first time.
The mattress was very soft and immediately began to outline my body.
\"5/5 delivery:\" When I ordered the mattress, I received a confirmation email saying that I would receive it in less than a week.
Unfortunately, it\'s more like 10-14 business days due to some technical errors with UPS.
When the mattress arrived, the box was in poor condition due to what looked like some tough travel.
3/5 easy to install: \"Setting up the mattress is a fun part!
When you open the vacuum
Packed bag, mattress start using immediately, both size and shape reach normal level
Definitely Snapchat. worthy moment!
Although the mattress is very heavy, I can operate it myself.
5/5 soft/sturdy: \"The Fleep bed is reversible and allows you to choose between a strong or soft side.
I started with the company, but after two nights of tossing, I decided to try the soft side, which was much more comfortable.
Having said that, I still have some back discomfort when I wake up, so neither side can provide the support I really need.
3/5 Price: \"I have bought a new bed for a long time and found that most department stores and mattress stores are quite expensive.
So two for $800. in-
Very nice one king mattress!
5/5 support: \"The memory foam mold is on your body and comfortable at first, but I don\'t feel like it really supports me all night.
[3/5 Final Score: 24/30 Fleur mattress ($800)
First impression: \"It may be more of a FedEx fault than a Luxi West fault, but the packaging is fantastic --
Almost open at the top.
I\'m a little nervous but still hopeful!
The first impression of the mattress itself is great-
Zipper in gray and white
The outer cover is very elegant.
I was a little sad to put the sheets on.
\"4/5 delivery:\" super simple.
No one likes to wait at the delivery window, but it\'s like receiving any other package, although FedEx people are a little flustered about the density of the box.
\"The simplicity of the 4/5 installation:\" The first thing you see when you open the Luxi box is a smart little letter opener and a basically foolproof instruction.
They instruct you to open the mattress in the same room that will use the mattress, ideally put it on the bed, then use the letter opener to cut it off from the vacuum
Plastic cover.
Open it anywhere but in bed it will be a disaster as it is very heavy and it will expand quickly once it is opened but luckily we followed the direction, the mattress is ready and ready to go in five minutes.
There was no weird bubble smell like we were warned of, which was great.
5/5 soft/sturdy: \"I lost a lot of minutes watching Luxi West\'s quirky video of hypnotized messages, so I was very excited to pull the mattress cover open and poke it in all the weird places --shaped foam.
It reached the \"medium\" environment and we all liked it when we lay down so we decided to try their go-to first.
The only downside I or my partner feels is, unlike the traditional mattress, the edge of Luxi West, and all the memory foam mattresses, when you apply weight directly to them, A bit of a crash.
Because one of us slept like a Labrador who dreamed of a squirrel.
There will be more information later! )
Being expelled to the edge of the bed is a regular part of our sleep ritual, where it feels a bit unstable.
5/5 Price: \"Luxi is a little more expensive than some other mattresses --in-a-
But this is a good value for me.
I had a good time sleeping on a traditional spring mattress with memories
Foam pillowcases have been around $200 less than Luxi Xi for years, but have always wanted to leap to the brand --
Everyone said a constant name memory foam mattress, about $500 more than Luxi.
Since my mattress has to be replaced anyway, it feels very reasonable to upgrade.
\"4/5 support:\" I had a solid model class in the morning and my back and hips were very sore and I felt great when I woke up.
I tend to sleep by my side and often wake up with a hip bone numb and pressed in the mattress spring all night;
I can definitely feel the benefits of having more space to sink.
I was also impressed by how cool the mattress was to sleep --
I was worried that something dense enough would support us, but I didn\'t notice that at all.
It\'s not as soft as we expected, it\'s just really comfortable.
We will continue to try different settings to see if there is anything better for us because there is something more than having my partner flip a part of our mattress every week of the next month, then let him answer the detailed questions first thing in the morning. What\'s more interesting?
I suspect it\'s small.
In short, I can\'t say how much this mattress helped my relationship.
We moved in together less than a month ago and I was basically sleeping --
Deprived since then
Between kicking, snoring and getting up at night, I\'m not really comfortable --Rest in a few weeks.
The first night we slept on Luxi, I didn\'t notice him moving or getting up, except for a few minutes, he didn\'t sleep better, either snoring, or I slept too deep, I didn\'t notice it at all, but it was a kind of happiness.
My partner wanted me to know that I hit an el on his head because I was so comfortable and actually I slept on my back and that\'s something I rarely do, but he didn\'t have any moves on top of that, so we agreed it wasaround win.
[5/5 Final Score: 27/30 Luxi mattress ($1099)
First impression: \"Well, this is great!
I slept on a mattress left by a woman who used to live in my apartment (
I know it\'s disgusting, but I graduated four months ago. )
And, to be honest, I didn\'t realize how terrible it was until I pushed it to the stairwell and the sidewalk it belonged to with all my weight. (
Seriously, how did I sleep for three months? )
So this mattress is basically a lifesaver.
Delivery: \"It magically reached the door of my bedroom.
Someone carried it all the way up my four stairs and the box was heavy! (
I know because I had to move it from my door to my bedroom for about 3 inch which was obviously very laborious. )
\"5/5 easy to install:\" so easy.
In fact, it\'s very easy, only four instructions are printed on the box, no 20-
Page manual.
There may be five words for each instruction;
Very impressive.
When I first saw the instructions, I thought there was no way to install this thing, it was actually easy, but it did.
The most difficult step is to take things out of very strong plastic packaging.
I put it on my box spring and unpacked the package mentioned earlier and it immediately began to expand into the perfect mattress.
Some serious magic.
5/5 soft/Strong: \"I like it very much.
Can we talk about how amazing it is that I didn\'t die on the old mattress?
5/5 price: \"To be honest, I can\'t afford this baby for sure if I buy a mattress right now, but, maybe I\'ll venture into investing and not eat for three months to pay for it because that\'s how life is --changing it is.
Yes, this long sentence may reveal too much of my financial position, but the moral of the story is that I might pay more than $1 million for it and never look back, because I can sleep on this cloud all my life (
Probably! ).
4/5 support: \"It\'s a dream compared to my old mattress.
I think support is * 100 *, but it could be because I slept on a pile of stones before Leesa got into my life.
[5/5 Final Score: 29/30 Leesa Classic mattress ($890)
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Statement: the above products have been sent to MyDomaine for editing and review.
The story was originally published in October 9, 2016 and has been updated since then.
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