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The mattress wholesale should reflect the competitiveness of the hotel

by:Synwin     2020-07-14
Wholesale mattress should reflect the competitiveness of the hotel increased along with the development of China's tourism industry and international exchanges, in the hotel industry in the national economy has become increasingly important status, hotel and travel agency, tourist traffic enterprise together referred to as the three pillars of tourism industry, is the tourism supply of the basic elements. What is the important factors that affect the hotel reputation? 1, pay attention to instrument appearance beautiful, reflects the overall image of the hotel modern enterprise attaches great importance to establish a good image, the hotel is no exception. Hotel image depends on two aspects: one is to provide products and services quality level; The second is the image of the employees. In staff image, staff performance of instrument appearance is important, to a certain extent, reflects the hotel service image, image and the service is the first sign of hotel culture. 2, manifests the meet the needs of the guests in the process of the hotel, guests are in the pursuit of a high standard to daily life to enjoy, inside this contains beauty to enjoy. Beauty instrument appearance in the service of hotel staff is polite, respect, can cause strong emotional experience, guests can impress the guests on the form and content, makes guests meet the needs of the visual esthetics. 3, mattress, you can't see is the essence of hotel services, the competitiveness of the mattress is also one of the hotel guest room supplies important. A piece of good mattess can bring to guests comfortable sleep colleagues also affects the guest check in again, on the contrary, bad mattress is not only a waste of purchasing cost, also will continue to affect the reputation of the hotel! Five-star hotels used by hotel mattress, the main difference is the amount of material with other mattress, can be divided into three pieces, the first difference is network of spring mattress, the second is for the use of mattress advocate material difference, the third is the difference between the types and function of mattress material.
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