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The Classification of Mattresses


The Classification Of Mattresses
There are no less than ten kinds of large and small mattresses on the market, as well as various incomprehensible parameters, professional terms, and various mattresses with special functions. It is really dazzling to pick. Generally speaking, mattresses are roughly divided into spring mattresses, palm mattresses, latex mattresses and foam mattresses.

Spring mattress
Spring mattresses are the most popular mattresses on the market. The Rayson mattress that people often say is a spring mattress. It consists of a fabric layer, a filling layer, and a support layer. The support layer mentioned here refers to the spring. The assembly and technology of the spring have been improving for many years. The spring is also the core part of the entire mattress. The filling layer is under the fabric layer. The general materials are latex, sponge, 3D material, palm, etc. Different materials determine the comfort of our sleep. The fabric layer ha

Palm mattress

   Mountain Palm Mattress: Mountain Palm Mattress is filament, green environmental protection, good elasticity and toughness, softer, dry and breathable, non-absorbent, and resistant to insects.              

   The coconut palm mattress is short-filament, green and environmentally friendly, with low production cost and harder hardness. The disadvantage is that it is prone to insects after being damp. You must pay attention to frequent indoor ventilation.


Latex mattress
Latex mattresses are generally divided into two types: natural latex and synthetic latex. When many people mention latex mattresses, they think that they feel soft when sleeping, but this is not the case. Generally, the higher the density of the latex mattress, the harder the mattress, and the lower the density, the softer the mattress. The density of most latex mattresses is generally between 60-90D.

Sponge mattress
The more advanced foam mattresses are memory foam mattresses, which will evenly disperse the pressure after being heavily pressed, making it comfortable to sleep and has strong warmth retention. However, it is easy to deform for a long time, lose support, and has poor air permeability.
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