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Synwin mattress factory welcome ODM and OEM



  Our official website ushered in a new revision,welcome to look through our website. We will focus on ODM and OEM services this time. Serve more online and offline furniture sellers. We have experience on online shop bulk service.


1. High performance-price ratio: Independent pocket spring mattress is a kind of mattress with relatively high technical content in high-end mattresses, and the process is not complicated. Therefore, the price of independent pocket spring mattress must take this technology into consideration. In terms of content, it may be higher than ordinary spring mattresses, but it is good value for money, so the price is very high.

2. Strong independence: Because each spring body operates individually, supports independently, and can stretch independently, one of the two people lying on it turns over or leaves, and the other will not be affected at all. Can ensure a stable and comfortable sleep.

3. Designed to fit the human body: the three-stage partitioned independent spring designed strictly in accordance with the principles of ergonomics can more flexibly expand and contract according to the curve and weight of the human body, evenly support each part of the body, keep the spine naturally straight, and allow the muscles to get Sufficient relaxation, reducing the number of sleep turns.

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