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Still trying traditional mattress sales?


Still trying traditional mattress sales? 

Try the Synwin roll mattress, which has been popular in Europe and America for more than 5 years. The advantages of this type of product are as follows:

First, save shipping costs.

Second, convenient transportation and distribution

Most of the big cities are like first- and second-tier cities, and some dealers are troubled by the fact that customers have purchased furniture and it is difficult to deliver the goods and go upstairs.

1.car transportation is difficult: most large cities have truck restrictions, a large mattress 1.8 * 2.0 car can not be transported, and the truck is restricted, so most of the dealers have this Worried.

2.Difficulties in distribution to the building: Most cities are experiencing rapid development in the region. Many people have lived in high-rise buildings. However, the general elevators in the city are only over one meter, which has become a problem for customers to buy privately. For the mattress is a problem, the ordinary 1.5*2.0 mattress is still barely available when going up the stairs; but if you buy a high-end 1.8*2.0 mattress, you can’t get the stairs, and the big city is the delivery. The fees for going upstairs may have gone to half of the mattress. This is also a problem that has been plaguing customers.

Synwin's new compressed roll mattress can solve all the above problems. A large 1.8*2.0 mattress has less volume after compression. The 1.8*2.0 mattress is only 1.9M*0.33M* after packaging. H0.33M. As long as you look at this product in the store, you can pick it up on the car and you can transport it home. It is more worry-free for going upstairs. A carton-sized thing can be put directly upstairs as long as there is an elevator. If you don't have an elevator, you can walk up the stairs and say that it is labor-saving and worry-free. No longer have to worry about customers worrying about how to ship the product.

Third, good quality

Very customers will be worried: After your mattress is compressed, will the inner material be deformed? Will it not rebound? Is the quality good? And other issues…….

Synwin has been a compressed roll mattress since 2007, very professional. For the quality of the products, our company has not been able to rebound from the mattress mattress from 2007 to 2014. The deformation problem is only 0%. The inner and inner materials of the compressed mattress are better than the uncompressed mattress. The requirements for materials are much higher, because the quality of the spring inside the compressed mattress is not good, the density of the material is not high, and the mattress cannot rebound at all. A 180*200*H25 mattress can be completed with an external force of 5000KG when it is rolled. It is 190*033*033 after the package. After opening for 1 day, it can be restored to the original size. This mattress will have quality. Question? The average weight of the average person will not exceed 200KG!

Fourth, new products, have selling points, seize the curiosity of customers

The quality of the compressed package mattress is good; the average consumer will see that such a product will feel that the mattress can be rolled up is a magical thing, the dealer can use this consumer's curiosity to seize them, and emphasize that Compressed roll mattresses are better than uncompressed. The more curious things you want, the more you want to try it. If you look at it, you will buy it and try it out.

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