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Spring Mattress Production Process


The first process is neither spring making nor cotton fabric, but incoming material and incoming material inspection. This is the primary process of production, and it is a process that must be strictly controlled. The appropriateness and qualification of raw materials is directly related to the production and quality of the finished mattress.

The second process is quilting and threading, which are two separate and simultaneous processes. Padded cotton is to transfer the cotton cart used in mattress fabric to the fabric. The final form of expression is the top and bottom layer of the mattress; the threading is to connect the spiral springs into a whole, which is a chain spring mattress. The process of independent bag and independent tube spring is to pack each spiral spring into a strip, independent non-woven bag, and then glue the cloth bag strip with the spring into a whole.

The third process is to make the cutting bed and the bed net. The cutting bed is to cut the cotton fabric to the size of the mattress; the bed net is made, and the spring net formed by the spring, the chain spring net or the independent pocket spring net is fixed with the frame iron, thereby forming the bed net.

The fourth process is the bottom line. The bottoming is to lay cotton felt or other cushions on the bed net, and then place a good cotton fabric.

The fifth process surrounds. The rim is to sew together the upper and lower fabric layers laid in the previous process with a rim tape, so that a mattress is made.

The final step is finished product inspection and packaging, so that the entire mattress process is completed.

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