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Should the plastic film on the mattress be torn?


Should the plastic film on the mattress be torn?

  When you buy a mattress, you will notice that the outside of the mattress is covered with a plastic film. This plastic film is used to ensure that the mattress is protected from contamination and sputum during transportation. But after the mattress is moved home, should the mattress plastic film be torn off?

    Our group have interviewed hundreds of consumers on the street randomly and asked if they would remove the plastic film from the packaging after buying a new mattress. The results showed that 48% of the people still have not peeled off the plastic film, only 30% of the people directly removed the plastic film after purchase, and the remaining 22% used the plastic film after a period of use.

    For the plastic film of the mattress to buy home, do not tear it off, Synwin mattress sleep expert's view is: must tear.

    1, the mattress plastic film makes the mattress can not "breath", long time is susceptible to moisture and mildew
According to the data, the human body should discharge about one liter of water through the sweat glands, etc. If you sleep on a mattress covered with plastic film, the moisture can only adhere to the lice and sheets, and it will be uncomfortable around the human body. Increase the number of turns during sleep, which affects the quality of sleep. And the time is long, because the mattress itself is not breathable, it is easy to mold, breed bacteria and mites, it will make the internal structure of the mattress rust, turn over and squeak, which seriously endangers the health of the body.

    2, the mattress is deformed under pressure, affecting the service life
Many people think that putting a plastic film on the mattress can protect the mattress and prolong its service life, but the truth is that it will affect the life of the mattress. During the use of the mattress, the spring will be stressed and squeezed, and the mattress fabric will flip and stretch as the body flips. If the plastic film is not torn, the spring is stressed and the fabric is stretched without stretching space, which is not conducive to restoring elasticity. The long time will cause the mattress to collapse.

   3, can not fit the human body, hurt the spine
The plastic protective film of the mattress is tightly stretched. If it is not torn off, the person will sleep on the plastic film, and the body will not be able to fit the mattress. This will cause tension in the waist and shoulder muscles. If you sleep for a long time, it will cause lumbar muscle strain and Periarthritis of the shoulder, if it is a child, can also affect physical development.

  If you are sleeping on a Rayon mattress, it is recommended that you tear off the mattress plastic film before use. Because the breckle uses a polymer all-oxygen cold foam core and a unique fabric design, it has a very high gas permeability and can be moisturized at a constant temperature. Only by tearing off the film, you can feel the refreshing and breathable deep sleep feeling.



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