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Packing layer of spring mattress


The filling layer materials are as follows: memory foam, sponge, latex, brown, etc.

1. Foam mattress knowledge points: sponge mattresses and spring mattresses are juxtaposed as modern commonly used mattresses. Traditional sponges have no special sensitivity to temperature and cannot fully support the body curve; the support of sponge mattresses The supporting force is not good, therefore, the mattress should be turned over every once in a while, and the direction should be changed to avoid the collapse of the place where the human body sleeps.

[Advantages]: The foam mattress is shaped to fit your body shape with changes in weight. Compared with other mattress materials, it has the characteristics of lightness and comfort. At the same time, it can sleep with your partner without being disturbed by him or her tossing and turning. .

[Disadvantages]: Sponge mattresses are relatively soft and cannot form the strength to hold up the waist when people lie down, resulting in long-term tension in the lumbar muscles, which will cause lumbar muscle strain and lumbar disc herniation for a long time; the air permeability of the sponge mattress Poor, the wastes and water vapor generated by people's metabolism during sleep will be continuously discharged through the skin, and the mattress is not breathable. These wastes cannot be distributed in time, which is not good for human health.

2. Knowledge points of memory foam mattress: Memory foam mattress refers to a mattress made of memory foam, also called slow rebound sponge, inert sponge, zero pressure sponge, space sponge, etc. With the characteristics of decompression, slow rebound, temperature sensitivity, breathability, antibacterial and anti-mite, this mattress can absorb and decompose the pressure of the human body, according to the change of human body temperature, different softness and hardness, accurately shape the body contour, bring no The pressure fits and provides effective support to the body. It is medically proven that it can effectively relieve skeletal muscle pain, assist in the treatment of cervical and lumbar spine problems, reduce insomnia such as snoring and more turning over, extend deep sleep time and improve sleep quality.


Temperature sensitivity: The material of the memory foam mattress is very sensitive to temperature, and can provide a suitable degree of softness and hardness according to the temperature of different parts of the human body, so that every part of the body can be well rested and relaxed.

Slow rebound: Memory foam is also called slow rebound. It means that when the product is compressed and sags, it does not show a strong rebound force, but slowly returns to its original state after the pressure is removed, which can be very good The pressure at the contact point between the human body and the mattress is evenly distributed to achieve the most comfortable state.

Decompression: The biggest feature of memory foam mattresses is that they can absorb and decompose the pressure of the human body, and ordinary mattresses will have a reaction force on the human body, so the spine and joints will be squeezed by the mattress, and people will feel sore. And numbness, but the memory foam has no reaction force. People are like floating in the clouds, and the blood in the whole body is smooth, then people will sleep very comfortably.

Safety and environmental protection: The unique material of the memory foam mattress can well inhibit the growth of bacteria and mites, which is very good for pregnant women and children who are prone to allergies, and people who sleep on it will feel very transparent if they do not feel stuffy .


The memory pad not only senses temperature but also has the characteristics of heat storage. Therefore, in an environment where the temperature continues to rise in summer, if there is no air-conditioning in the room, it is best to temporarily stop using the memory foam mattress; secondly, the temperature of the old memory mattress drops It will become hard.

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