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Are you looking for a new organic latex mattress? Confused yet?
It\'s not hard to get confused about all the information, error messages and conflicting facts you might find about the new mattress you want to buy.
When buying a mattress, there are a few things to remember, and a few things to never forget in search.
If you remember these simple things, buying the perfect organic latex mattress will become clearer and make sure you get what you want, and more importantly, the money you pay
One of the most important things to remember is not to forget what you are looking.
It sounds complicated, but this is crucial in the process of you looking for an organic mattress.
Basically, it means not to lose sight of your mission.
Don\'t let others convince you to do what you don\'t want.
Don\'t be content with less if you want a real organic mattress.
There are many retailers selling organic mattresses outside.
Some companies sell real organic mattresses and some do not.
You need to compare companies before you start comparing mattresses.
First remove those that are not 100% organic.
Organic Latex Mattress
This may mean different things for different people, and organic products are definitely different for you than the manufacturer that makes the mattress.
If you are looking for organic products and pay for them, make sure you have 100% organic ingredients in your mattress.
The law stipulates that if manufacturers add 8% kinds of organic materials to their products, they can call them organic products. Yes, I said 8%!
Why bother, right?
Make sure the product is 100% organic.
If not, you won\'t get real organic products.
After all, isn\'t that what you\'re paying?
Don\'t be fooled by \"pure\" products.
Just because a product says it\'s pure doesn\'t mean it\'s organic.
In fact, most manufacturers who use terms other than \"pure\" or organic to describe raw materials do not actually use organic ingredients in mattresses.
Some manufacturers tell you about the UN.
Cover up the truth that they are not using organic products.
For example, some companies will tell you that organic wool is dirty and full of feces.
This is absolute, 100% is incorrect, it\'s just a sales strategy to cover up the fact that they don\'t use organic wool on their mattresses.
Like any other wool used in the manufacturing industry, organic wool is washed with natural and dirtfriendly soaps.
The cost of organic wool production is higher, and wool is a simple thing when the manufacturer wants to reduce the cost. Non-
Organic wool provides manufacturers with lower costs and better profit margins, while consumers are at a disadvantageOrganic products.
With the popularity of organic products, the organic mattress market has become very competitive.
Stick to organic wool, be sure to check the manufacturer certificate of organic wool.
Reputable retailers will receive these certificates at any time.
For your convenience, some retailers have links to their certificates on their websites.
Don\'t stop there.
Follow up on these certificates.
Call the supplier to verify that the manufacturer you are considering from is indeed buying their products from the supplier they have the certificate.
Sticking to organic wool is the only way to make sure there is nothing in the wool that you don\'t want.
Under federal law, any and all mattresses made and sold in the United States must pass flame testing.
By law, the mattress must withstand a flame of 70 seconds before it is lit.
How this can be achieved varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, but most manufacturers do so by using chemicals.
These chemicals (
Boron, antimony, and chlorhexene oxide)
Is the same chemicals banned in Europe for many years, as well as the same chemicals used in pesticides to kill cockroaches and related to reproductive and developmental diseases, heart and lung damage, hair and memory loss, SIDS, birth defects, skin irritation, are considered carcinogens.
Continuous exposure to these chemicals can lead to accumulation in the body and appear in breast milk, blood flow and umbilical cord fluid.
Some organic mattress manufacturers produce organic products just to pass the flame law test and spray them down with these chemicals.
So when you buy an organic mattress, it doesn\'t necessarily mean that you buy a chemicalfree mattress.
It just means that you are buying a mattress made of organic materials that are sprayed with chemicals.
Imagine hypocrisy!
The importance of organic wool has become apparent here.
Wool is a natural flame retardant material.
Wool does not burn when exposed to flames.
When wool is used in large quantities (
1 inch compression)
It becomes a flame retardant required by federal flame laws, making it unnecessary for chemicals.
While the cost of using wool is higher, the real organic mattress maker takes additional steps to make sure your mattress is chemical-free and is a real organic mattress.
By the way, there are other fires.
It is not a chemical proofing method, but it is not natural or organic.
Be sure to ask the manufacturer to use organic wool in the organic mattress for fire prevention.
Another consideration when purchasing a new organic latex mattress is the type of cover used by the manufacturer.
The lid should be 100% organic.
While there are different options for the type of material used on the cover, Cotton is the best option.
Bamboo, on the other hand, is a bad choice because it has to be processed into fabric.
The processing of bamboo requires a lot of dangerous chemicals, so that it \"does notorganic.
\"Most bamboo fabrics are made in China, where employees work in poor conditions and have little or no ventilation.
There are a number of \"gimmicks\" fabrics to choose from, such as aloe vera and lavender infused fabrics that should help alleviate this or that disease.
Honestly, don\'t waste your money.
They don\'t work.
If they do, they will not be able to reach your body through your sheets.
Cannabis is a fabric of good quality, but often more expensive than cotton, with no additional benefits.
Although the lid is part of the mattress and you will come into contact with it, many manufacturers use cheap, sometimes uncomfortable covers on the mattress.
The lid should be soft and comfortable to touch.
While sheets should always be used on the mattress, there will be a rough, uncomfortable lid on the sheet that will make your sleep experience less than ideal.
If you are not sure about the cover used to make the mattress, please send you a sample so that you can feel it before purchasing the mattress.
Any reputable company will be more than happy to meet your requirements.
A lot of companies will send you a pack of samples of all the ingredients they make their beds, but it\'s just an overkill and unnecessary gesture.
Unless you are worried about latex allergies, the latex used on your mattress is almost the same between companies.
Next, make sure that the latex that includes the bed you are considering is 100% natural latex.
There are different types of latex to choose from, including natural and synthetic latex and a combination of both.
Synthetic latex contains natural synthetic ingredients and chemicals.
Whether you\'re thinking about Talalay or Dunlop Latex, make sure it\'s 100% natural latex.
Although there are some other ingredients in natural latex (
Zinc oxide, fatty acid soap, sulfur)
They are natural ingredients, rest assured.
Be careful not to fall in love with the \"Dunlop/Talalay latex is the best, we only use the best\" strategy.
Many manufacturers only bring one kind of latex and will tell you that the latex they bring is the best.
However, both Talalay latex and Dunlop latex are equally good products and a reputable company will offer you a choice.
One rule of thumb to keep in mind the difference between the two types of latex is that Talalay latex is usually softer than Dunlop Latex in the same hardness category.
For example, the soft Talalay latex will be softer than the soft Dunlop Latex.
Some manufacturers tell you that there is no natural Talalay latex to confuse you.
It was true until a few years ago.
Latex International, however, now produces 100% of its natural Talalay Latex products.
Another consideration of latex on your bed is the amount of latex that actually constitutes the bed.
Of course, the manufacturer can say that the latex on the bed is 100% natural, but this does not mean that 100% natural latex includes the whole bed, only the latex on the bed is 100% natural.
If you are buying a 12 \"mattress with a mattress containing 6\" latex, then there must be something else in the other 6 \"mattress to make up.
After considering the wool or cotton that also makes up the mattress, usually around 2 \\ \", what else does the mattress include?
The answer is usually polyurethane.
Many companies will use 6 \"polyurethane core and 2\" latex on top in order to reduce costs.
Yes, polyurethane.
Why would you want to sleep on something like gasoline?
Another trick in the organic mattress industry is to use latex with sand filler.
Technically, latex filled with sand is still natural, because sand is indeed natural.
However, if you buy a latex mattress, you want 100% natural latex.
A well-known company that produces 100% natural Dunlop Latex is green latex.
Latex International is the only company that produces 100% natural Talalay Latex, where they do not add sand fillers.
When you buy a new organic latex mattress, buy from a company that buys latex from these companies and you will know that you have good latex in your mattress.
You may now ask yourself why I did not mention organic latex.
After all, I insist on organic wool and cotton. Why don\'t organic latex stick to it?
The simple reason is that it does not exist!
Although most of the latex produced may be organic, there is no certification body to certify it as organic.
If it is natural latex, rest assured that the latex in the organic latex mattress is as good as possible.
As of the date of publication of this publication, there is no certification.
The new round of latex mattresses sweeping the bedding market is a mattress presented to consumers in the form of debris, and once received, it must be assembled.
This mattress is really a great product and is often misunderstood.
Once assembled, it sleeps like a traditional latex mattress.
There are many benefits to this latex mattress.
Transportation of \"rest time\"
Down \\ \"mattresses are very affordable for more consumers.
The transportation cost of traditional mattresses is very high, especially if they have to travel long distances to reach consumers.
Lower shipping costs allow for a comfortable exchange policy that allows consumers the option to ship back one layer of the mattress to a different level of comfort.
If consumers buy the wrong mattress comfort level, they just need to replace the one layer of the mattress.
This makes the transaction very convenient, because consumers usually send back the layer they want to exchange only after receiving a new transaction from the company.
This makes there no \"downtime\" without a mattress \".
It\'s complicated to buy a new mattress.
There is little perfect hard work in one attempt.
Even if you buy a mattress from a physical store, you will lie on the mattress for 15 minutes to determine if the new mattress will be comfortable in the coming years.
Then you take the mattress home, it\'s not what you want, but you live with it because it\'s too much trouble to return it.
With this new mattress, if you don\'t perfect it for the first time, all you need to do is request a comfortable exchange.
When you decide to have a comfortable communication, you know what the problem is.
If the mattress is too strong, you will return a firmer mattress for a softer mattress.
If the mattress is too soft, you will return a soft mattress to get a stronger one.
Best of all, in the store, you don\'t have to decide the perfect combination in 15 minutes.
You sleep on a mattress at home and, depending on the manufacturer, usually have up to 90 days to determine what you need to make the mattress perfect.
One thing to consider about this mattress is whether the layers inside are covered.
It sounds like a trivial thing, perhaps not necessary.
In fact, some companies (
Does not provide covering the latex layer)
Might try to convince you not to buy a bed without being covered.
However, the overlay is very important for the function and durability of the mattress.
When assembling the bed or rearranging the layers to a different level of comfort, the overlay makes them more durable and easier to handle.
LaTeX, due to its inherent nature, is easy to tear if treated too rough or too hard.
Some manufacturers and retailers claim that covering these layers will change the comfort of the latex by covering the latex.
This is not true, however, because these layers are covered with organic cotton that extends to it.
Stretching in the fabric allows the latex to maintain its original level of comfort and provides latex protection that is critical to this mattress.
Many manufacturers also claim that covering the latex allows the latex layer to slide inside the mattress.
However, this is also incorrect.
Organic cotton used to cover latex can prevent the layer from moving inside the mattress.
The lid also prevents the layer inside the mattress from moving.
These layers cling to the inside of the lid, so they are not allowed to move around.
Covering these layers is an additional cost that most manufacturers have given up.
These manufacturers are trying to explain why they don\'t cover individual latex layers, but the bottom line is the main reason why they don\'t cover them.
In most cases, damaged latex is not replaced when trying to assemble the mattress or remove the latex for a comfortable replacement and the warranty is canceled.
Pressure is not enough;
If the mattress you purchased has separate layers that are accessible, make sure they are covered.
Another consideration when buying a new organic latex mattress is to put on the base of the mattress.
The latex mattress needs a solid foundation, but it also needs a foundation that can make the mattress \"breathe.
If you purchase a foundation from the company you purchased the mattress from, make sure that the foundation has enough slats to support the weight of the mattress.
The good base of the latex mattress has slats not more than 2 inch apart.
Also make sure that the cover on the base is made from the same organic cotton cloth as your mattress.
Make sure the wood in the base is untreated wood and any glue used in the base is water
Mainly non-toxic glue.
When purchasing the base that matches the mattress, it is a beautiful suit and it is not necessary.
However, proper support for the new latex mattress is very important and improper support for the mattress will void the warranty.
In order to make sure your mattress is running properly and your warranty is valid, I strongly recommend that you purchase a matching base when you purchase the mattress.
Finally, consider the return policy of the company.
If you are not happy, are you stuck with the mattress or can you return it?
The best policy is some kind of comfortable communication, especially with the use of a \"break down\" mattress.
If not all companies, most companies require consumers to pay for the cost of the return mattress.
This is an inevitable part of doing business online.
If you are not willing to pay for this, you should consider not buying a mattress online.
However, I find that the savings on online shopping far outweigh the cost of a possible comfortable exchange.
You must also consider that many mattress stores today charge a restocking fee for any returned mattress, and the customer is responsible for returning the mattress to the store, or for picking up the mattress from the customer\'s home with the store.
I also found that many online companies have more customer service than most physical stores.
You spend a lot of money on your new mattress and make sure you get what you pay.
I\'m not saying you shouldn\'t pay a lot for a good mattress.
When it comes to latex mattresses, the old saying \"you get what you pay for\" really applies.
When you buy an organic latex mattress, it can last for 30 years.
There is no coil or memory foam mattress on the market that can make this request.
The health benefits of organic latex mattresses are not reproducible.
Take the time to buy a new mattress.
Consider the delivery time of the company.
You would like to purchase from a company that will ship within a reasonable time.
If a company tells you it will be 4-
Your product will be shipped for 6 weeks, too long.
The reasonable time to ship the order is no more than a week, the sooner the better.
Transport time is also considered.
Just because a company says it will ship in 3 days, it won\'t show up in 3 days!
The average shipping time is 4 days.
Keep in mind that most manufacturers charge your credit card when you place your order and will only put your order into production once payment is received.
Be sure to ask questions and get answers to your questions.
Any well-known company that does what they should do will be happy to answer any questions you may have.
If you follow this guide and ask questions you need to ask, it will be an easy task to buy organic latex mattresses that will lead to many sweet organic, chemical-free dreams.
Just tell us your requirements, we can do more than you can imagine.
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Send your inquiry

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