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Newly opened hotel mattress purchasing plan and purchasing skills


Hotels are a must choice for travellers, so now the hotel industry is developing so fast.

A newly opened hotel has a lot of preparatory work in the early stage, and choosing a mattress is very important in the early stage. A good mattress is also very helpful for evaluating the hotel’s star rating.

For the person in charge of hotel management, it is the first time to purchase a large number of hotel mattresses. There will definitely be a lot of confusion and incomprehension. What kind of one should I choose? In addition to having a budget for the price in my heart, the others have no idea, what is the standard for hotel mattresses? What kind of hotel mattress is qualified? What should I pay attention to when purchasing?

The importance of purchasing hotel mattresses is very high for newly opened hotels! The person in charge of hotel management and procurement needs to have a relatively high understanding of the above three issues in order to do their job well.

Let me share the precautions for the purchase of hotel mattresses. Purchasers can refer to them when making purchase plans and actual purchases.

1.Hardness and softness

Under normal circumstances, a moderately comfortable mattress is the best, not too soft or too hard. If the mattress is too hard, it will block the blood circulation of the human body, and if it is too soft, the weight of the human body will not be effectively supported and cause back discomfort and other symptoms. (Of course, some people like very soft mattresses, it is recommended to spare two very soft mattresses to meet the specific requirements of customers)

2. The quality of the spring

The stiffness and elasticity of the spring are particularly important. This is not only related to the service life of the mattress, reducing unnecessary purchase costs, but also directly affecting the overall comfort and support of the mattress.

3. Material environmental protection

Are the production materials environmentally friendly? This is related to the health of the guests and the reputation of the hotel. This is a problem that deserves the attention of the hotel. Inferior materials can cause skin allergies, erythema, and itching, which will bring many health risks. These symptoms do not need to be too long. Time, 8-10 hours can cause it. When the time comes, customer complaints will be enough to make you uncomfortable.

4. Fire protection design

Whether the fire protection design of the mattress is reasonable is also very important! The hotel is a crowded place, which fully prevents the lives, property and hotel safety of guests from being threatened.

5. Cost of care and maintenance

The bedroom supplies must be hygienic. Of course, easy cleaning is the first priority. It is recommended to use removable and washable mattresses. The cost of removal and washing is slightly higher, but in the long term, it is actually a good deal. Generally, the life span of a mattress is 10-15 years. The fabric on the surface of the mattress is artificially damaged and soiled. Should I change the mattress or change the jacket? You can figure this account by yourself. Clean and hygienic bedrooms, that must be the image of a hotel.

Finally, a little suggestion, as a hotel mattress, you can choose a combination of some spring mattresses and other fillers, that is, 1+n mode, which is strong and durable, but also has softness, support and various aspects. all good.

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