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Memory foam mattress give you different sleeping feeling



No matter your weight or size, the foam will change itself to hug your curves.

Foam can bring real pain relief. Because it conforms to your specific needs, your pain points are treated more tenderly than usual. 

Memory foam mattresses have a long lifespan. Since they don’t droop over time, you can usually get more life out of a memory foam mattress than a spring one.

Quality foam pulls heat away. Copper-infused memory foam will serve as a type of heat magnet, pulling excess heat away from your body as you sleep.

Cooling properties. Your memory foam memory foam roll up bed mattress should be able to wick heat away from your sleeping body. Copper, for instance, is very conductive. Look for a memory foam that is infused with an agent that actively works to keep you cool.

Firmness options. Memory foam, like spring mattresses, is available in varying firmness. Depending on your pain points and the way you sleep (side, back, stomach), you may want a super firm mattress or you could need a little more give. A flippable memory foam mattress with differing firmness is a great solution.

Foam density. Memory foam density is vital to your search for the perfect mattress. Foams come in different densities and they are not all created equal. The higher the density, the better the foam and the longer your mattress will last. With foam densities ranging from 1.0 lb and up, it is best practice to look for a density of 3.0 lb and higher to ensure you are getting the best bang for your buck.

Innerspring mattresses are affordable, and that’s made them popular for a long time. That and the fact that sleeper creatures of habit just replace their mattress with a similar model every decade or so.

However, some people might argue spring mattresses are being phased out.

When it comes to memory foam vs. spring mattress models, spring mattresses are either considered tried and true or outdated and clumsy.


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