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Independent bagged spring mattress - Synwin spring mattress factory


Looking for spring mattress? Better finish readings of this spring mattress article and get best spring mattress.

Independent bagged spring mattress is the humanized-design and high-grade spring mattress.

What is independent bag is to put each independent body spring pressure with a non-woven bag into the bag, and then connected to arrange, and then glued together is a bed net.

The surface of spring mattress bed net is generally glued to the sponge layer, so that each bag of spring can be evenly stressed, feel more comfortable when being used.

The rest goes through the same routine as a regular spring mattress.

Its characteristic is each spring body all individual operation, independent support, spring mattress can be expanded and contracted separately, each spring is packed with fiber bag again, non-woven cloth bag or cotton bag, and the spring bag between different columns is bound together with glue, and more advanced continuous without contact longitudinal spring technology makes a mattress achieve the effect of double spring mattresses.


1. Independent bagged spring mattress is called independent bagged spring mattress, because each spring body is individually operated iwith independent support, which can be stretched separately, so if someone is lying on the two people have one to turn or leave, the other one will be affected in the slightest, there this sprin mattress for bed, it can ensure a safe and comfortable sleep.

2. Each spring is made of extra strong steel wire bending into a "barrel "

Then after compression process, sealing sprin mattress is in a tough fiber bag, which could effectively prevent mold or moth and avoid friction and vibration of spring to zero noise;

Designed in strict accordance with the principles of ergonomics, the three-section independent spring mattress can be more in accordance with the human body's curve and weight and flexible stretch,  it can evenly support each part of human body, keep spine naturally straight, make muscles get sufficient relaxation, reduce the number of sleep turn.


Independent bed net bags need to flip on a regular basis, so you can avoid local pressure load, just start to use in everyday use, every two weeks, spring mattress should be upside down or mattress fore and aft adjustment time, in the use of five or six months, once every three months, you should adjust spring mattress, so that you can make spring mattress to receive strength evenly in the position, in order to protect elastic equilibrium 

In the use of spring mattresses, you should also need to pay attention to daily cleaning, cover spring mattress with fabric, and regular you should use a vacuum cleaner to clean mattress of fine dirt and other clean up, avoid damp, water damage to spring mattress, so that its use up more comfortable.

To damp can use household dehumidifier, it can dry spring mattess, keep spring mattess clean in order to achieve prolonging use life. Avoid putting heavy objects on the edge of spring mattress for long periods of time or jumping on spring mattress, which can bring about spring mattess to bear force imbalanced so the circumstance that spring mattess has sag.

You should not use a few electric appliances and smoke on spring mattress when using it, lest accidentally dirty break or burn scald mattress.

If you accidentally spill tea or other liquids on your spring mattress, you should immediately dry them with a dry towel or paper. Also you should keep your spring mattress from sunshine to insolate at the same time, in a bid to prolong spring mattess durability.

Carry of a few spring mattess is adornment action only, when moving your spring mattress, let it fall off carefully.

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