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How to select spring mattress


As one avante-garde in manufacturing spring mattress for global customers, Synwin Global Co.,Ltd. is here to shed lights on you regarding how to select spring mattress.  More industrial spring mattress, stay tuned.

The majority hold the opinion that structure of spring mattress is simple, its simplicity lies in springs, stuffing, fabric for mattress production of spring mattress factory. Spring mattress is a sandwich structure. therefore, you can add whatever you like, and it's entirely up to your preference to spring mattress. But because morpheus habit of each person is different, also different buyers have differen budget on mattess.

First of all, we start from the most core of spring mattress - spring, spring also has high and low quality, pros and cons.

In a broad sense, springs can be divided into conjoined spring, independent spring, and partition spring, in which prices for mattress spring varies from one to another, rise starting from the 1st type.

Due to different characteristics of spring for spring mattress production or custom spring mattress manufacturing, then according spring coefficient of required manufacturing proces is also different, which is why price mattress spring for spring mattress factory is high.

Cold draw refers to high manganese carbon fine steel wire, a kind of production process of manganese and other metal elements after melting point, according to proportion of distribution, to the semi-cooling state for wire drawing is a kind of production method applicable for spring mattress production, this method of steel wire fiber structure is more stable and continuous with higher strength.

  • When mattresses first came to loom, most of beds were with full spring mattresses. Full spring's only advantage is cheap, a few hundred to one thousand RMB of mattresses are made with full spring, which is high carbon manganese steel spring or stainless steel spring, cheap as it is,  it is also relatively hard, most people are accustomed to sleep on hard bed but don't want to spend big money on spring mattress, a good choice and habbit they have. Nonetheless, now that people choose full spring mattress, it is also a necessity for them to accep its flaws, considering there is not a 100% perfect spring mattress.

  • The disadvantage of the whole network spring is: the spring structure is connected to each other, the springs will be pulled because of force arise.This means that when you roll over, the person next to you will feel you roll over, and apparently, for some people who have trouble falling asleep, this can interfere with their sleep.This kind of spring has a short life and is prone to deformation.The whole net spring is a kind of whole surface type, it is impossible to say that it can fit the human body curve. Mattess of this kind of spring is common at cheap guesthouse, because small guesthouse, involves in problem such as budget, generally speaking, owner won't choose too good spring mattress, bed mattess of this kind of spring is not comfortable. Of course, it's comfortable for people who are used to hard beds or older generations. Because in their day, most of them slept on these spring beds.

Individual springs for spring mattress are pressed into a separate bag of non-woven fabric, structured in links, lengthways and horizontally, then glued together to make a bed net. Because of the independent nature of the separate bag spring, each spring operates independently and does not involve each other, so spring mattress will not be felt even if you pick it up next to you.

Tme goes by, so as the development of science and technology is, mattress springs will continue to update, therefore independent spring was born. This kind of spring gives people a soft feeling for the whole spring, and the process is also more compact, compared with the whole net spring, more processes, more materials, i.,e., more layer of non-woven fiber sleeve entails for spring mattress production. Because of more outer non - woven fabric protection, the spring life extension is materialzied, not easy to rust, at the same time when turning aroubn, it will not make a sound.

Because each spring is independently operated, it can well meet the human body's curve to support, naturally reduce the strength, flexibility is also improved by leaps. According to current use condition of matress looks, as everybody rises ceaselessly to quality of life, most families can choose independent spring, and the application of whole net spring also can reduce slowly.In the 70-80 crowd, most people will like the whole net spring, while 80-90 people will like the independent spring. But different people have different preferences, and this is only a reference.

     Independent spring can be said to be a very cost-effective spring with top performance , and durability, comfort than whole network spring to improve a lot, of course, the price will be higher than          whole network spring, like soft and hard moderate value, people can choose independent spring with surface of a layer of filler. If you;re looking for best spring mattress, click through : Synwin spring mattress" and get details. 

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