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How to maintain the mattress?


How to maintain the mattress?

Handle carefully

Let me talk about the points that should be paid attention to when handling the mattress. When transporting the mattress, it is best to hold the side of the mattress and do not fold the mattress, as this may damage the internal springs and materials. Finally, note that the handles on the side of the mattress are only for turning the mattress over, and do not use it when carrying it.


Remove the plastic film

In order to ensure that the newly purchased mattress is not contaminated during transportation, it is usually covered with a plastic protective film. Many friends worry that tearing off this protective film will easily stain the mattress, so they have not dealt with this film. In fact, under the protective film, the mattress will cause dampness, mildew, and even smelly due to airtightness. Therefore, after the mattress arrives home, do not forget to remove this protective film to keep the mattress dry and clean. Of course, remember to avoid exposing the mattress to the sun.


keep clean

If you want to keep the mattress clean, you can use a vacuum cleaner to clean the surface of the dust on a regular basis, but do not wash it directly with water or detergent. If you accidentally get the mattress wet, you can use toilet paper or a strong absorbent dry cloth to absorb the moisture on it, and then keep the mattress ventilated. Frolicking and eating in the bed should be avoided as much as possible. After all, the bed is still a place to sleep, and it is more troublesome to deal with the mattress once it is dirty.


Avoid local force

The mattress may experience uneven force after a long period of use, so it is best to adjust the direction of the mattress regularly. In the choice of mattress, I recommend that you buy a single-sided mattress, which is regular. Just adjust the left and right directions, which is conducive to the uniform force of the mattress, prolongs the life of the mattress, and can provide healthy and safe support for the spine. At the same time, you should avoid sitting on the edge and surrounding of the mattress for a long time. In the long run, spring fatigue may occur.


Place carefully

If the mattress at home is not used for a long time, then you should choose a breathable packaging material, pack the mattress with some desiccant inside to prevent the mattress from getting damp, and finally put the mattress in a dry and ventilated environment. .


High-quality sleep is inseparable from a comfortable mattress. If you want to have a comfortable mattress, you can't do without reasonable maintenance and care. Mattress maintenance can be big or small. Learning to properly maintain and use a mattress can not only improve sleep health, but also extend the life of the mattress~

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