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How to choose the spring for mattress? Bonnell or Pocket spring?


When we go to a furniture store, we will all receive a message that the bed can be fixed, but the mattress is not. There are so many mattresses, how should we choose? You don't understand, you won't know that there are so many details in it.

Today, let's first understand what is a whole net spring and what is an independent pocket spring? Which one is better between the two?

Bonnell Spring

Stainless steel is a kind of steel, which is different from stainless steel. Generally speaking, the fine steel is carbon tool steel and carbon alloy steel. As the name suggests, the fine steel spring is a spring made of fine steel after a certain process. Its characteristics inherit the hardness, rust resistance and never fade. , No deformation, no irritation to the skin, environmental protection and many other advantages.

Nine-zone independent pocket spring

Each independent body spring is pressed and filled into the bag, and then connected and arranged. Its characteristic is that each spring body operates independently, supports independently, and can expand and contract independently. Each spring is packed in a fiber bag or cotton bag, and the spring bags between different rows are glued to each other, so it acts as two objects. When placed on the same bed, one side rotates and the other side will not be disturbed.

Many advantages of independent pocket springs:

1. Each spring is operated independently, so the sleeping party will not affect the other party's sleep quality when turning over or leaving, which can ensure a stable and comfortable sleep;

2. Each spring is bent into a "bucket shape" with a strong steel wire, and then after a compression process, it is sealed in a tough fiber bag to effectively prevent mold or insects;

3. Since the springs are installed in the fiber bag, it can effectively reduce the noise caused by the springs being squeezed and colliding with each other;

4. This kind of spring is more ergonomic, and can expand and contract flexibly in accordance with the curve and weight of the human body, evenly support each part of the body, keep the spine naturally straight, relax the muscles, and reduce the number of sleep turns.

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