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How to choose a mattress


The mattress is analyzed and selected from the following elements

Mattresses are mainly divided into two parts: spring mattresses and non-spring mattresses

The three core elements of the mattress: spring layer, filling layer, fabric layer, assembly process

Spring layer (core)

In terms of springs, there are two general directions, one is a conjoined spring, and the other is an independent pocket spring. Specifically, what are the advantages and disadvantages of these two springs?

Disadvantages of conjoined spring:

1. When one person moves, the other person also shakes. This is the inherent shortcoming of the conjoined spring, because there is a steel wire on the spring that is connected to each other, so it is "blessed to have the same action".

2. Another one is that it takes a long time, there may be metal rubbing sound. There is no way. The springs above him are still connected by steel wires. After a long period of friction between each spring and the steel wire that connects everyone, it always sounds.

The advantages of conjoined springs:

The rebound is stronger, and the bounce will be stronger.

Then talk about independent pocket springs. Independent pocket springs are packed with a bag outside each spring, and then each bag is connected to form a whole bed center.

Disadvantages of independent pocket springs:

1. The resilience is average. The spring below the cross-section of your body is what supports you.

2. Another is that the spacing of the stacking frame is relatively high, less than 5 cm, and a flat plate is better.

3. When the bag is connected, a small amount of hot melt glue is needed to heat it. There are industrial-grade hot-melt adhesives used in the hot-melt adhesive of the black heart factory, which is harmful to the human body.

The advantages of independent pocket springs:

One person moves, the other feels nothing. Another is that there will be no sound of metal rubbing over a long period of time.

As for when everyone went to buy mattresses, they found various strange names for various springs, and hit the core of the problem: whether the springs are connected by wood or steel wires. If there are steel wires connected, it is a conjoined spring, which adopts the characteristics of conjoined spring. The wood connected by steel wires are independent pocket springs, applying the characteristics of independent pocket springs. The price of conjoined springs in low-end products is lower, while high-end products are not so particular. It is very comfortable to go to the same destination in different ways.

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