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How to buy a mattress


How to buy a mattress

Before buying a mattress, we should consider about these 5 factors: Brand; Budget; Securiy; Thickness and the Sleep Feeling

Why we should choose a branded mattress? It’s very simple, because if I’m an normal customer and I don’t have any knowledge about the mattress, I need a professional team to help me test the quality of the mattress, and once I find any problems during use, I can also ask them to solve it, this called after-sales service. this is probably the simple idea of every customer, if you are a wholesaler or a distributor, what we should do is to Build a reliable brand, then promote it, improve sales channels and provide high-quality after-sales service, Before that, the most important thing is to find an equally reliable supplier. Who can provide you high quality goods, 24 hours on call service, 15 years quality guaranty, here we can promise, we are your best choice.

The second factor: Budget: how much do you want to pay for a mattress. This is mainly based on the actual situation of the individual family. Many people think the higher the price, the better the quality of the mattress, but in fact this is not all true, Of course, good quality mattresses are usually made of good materials, high cost, and naturally the price will be higher. But if you buy a mattress at a high price just for some selling points, such as memory foam, latex, etc., it is actually unnecessary. The most important thing is the feeling of sleep. So before buying a mattress, I suggest you go to the store to try the feeling, Don't be lazy, the mattress will accompany you through 40% of your life
When purchasing a mattress, pay attention to whether the formaldehyde ([fɔːˈmældihaid]) exceeds the standard. In fact, you don’t need to worry too much, because atually the mattress will go through a series of quality inspections before they leave the factory, and if the formaldehyde exceeds the standard, you will get an uncomfortable smell when you lie on the mattress. If it is a spring mattress, pay attention to whether the spring is exposed. The quality of the mattress can generally be guaranteed, and most of them will not break after serval years of sleep.

The height of the bed is usually slightly higher than our knees by 1-3cm, which means that the height of the bed + mattress  is generally 45-60cm. Too high or too low will bring inconvenience to getting in and out of the bed. Therefore, when choosing the thickness of the mattress, you also need consider the height of the bed.

Sleep feeling mainly depends on personal preference, whether you prefer a harder or softer one, butdon't choose a mattress that is too soft or too hard, it will be bad for the spine!

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