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How long is mattress lifespan?


When it comes to shelf life, the average person will pay attention to the purchase of food, such as a loaf of bread, a canned bottle, a bag of snacks, etc., we will definitely determine to buy before the warranty period. However, for other products that do not need to be eaten into the stomach, less attention is paid to the problem of shelf life.

Especially for furniture or home appliances, many things are used when they are broken, but you know, the shelf life is for all goods, that is, an optimal period of use.

Mattresses - Every household has furniture. Because of its large size and troublesome replacement, the average family does not easily change the mattress. The mattress also has a shelf life, but the length of the shelf life is also closely related to the material and quality of the mattress itself. Under normal circumstances, the life of the mattress is actually about 25-30 years, but it depends on the actual situation. Some of the mattress life is only 15-20 years due to the influence of the conditions placed in the house.

As time goes by, you will find that the comfort will be reduced, no matter how expensive the mattress is. If the baby is not well treated, the mattress will be destroyed, which will affect the quality of sleep. And because the mattress is difficult to clean, many people basically do not wash the mattress, so that the mattress will breed a lot of mites and bacteria.

Eveyone's sleeping habits are different, so the same mattress will have different ages for different groups of people. In order to extend the life of the mattress, we still have to pay attention to some living habits.

1, turn the mattress once every six months

Many people will put the mattress down and then do not move, but in fact, when we are sleeping, the body will exert a certain pressure on the mattress. If it does not turn over for a long time, the mattress will slowly sink into the room and be pressed. The situation of collapse, so in order to maintain balance, but also to make the mattress better breathable, we better turn the mattress once every six months.

2, regular sun exposure

Don't think that only the quilt cover is needed to bask in the sun. As mentioned above, it takes a long time to sleep. In fact, the mattress also breeds a lot of bacteria and mites, especially when sleeping in the summer, the sweat secreted by the human body will actually penetrate. The quilt enters the mattress, so we also need to take it out to bask in the sun and kill the mites, which can also extend the life of the mattress.

3, less sitting on the bed

Usually we are at home, some people have some small habits, that is, sitting on the edge of the bed, but in fact, this habit is also very harmful to the mattress. The edge of the mattress is actually the most vulnerable area of the mattress. If we often sit like this, the spring at the edge of the mattress will lose its elasticity, and the whole mattress will be destroyed.

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