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How can I buy the same mattress as the hotel?


Many people like to stay in a hotel. Not only is the environment comfortable, but the service is also here. The most important thing is that the bed is comfortable to sleep in. Many people want to know what kind of cushion the hotel uses and want to go home to sleep.

There are generally three types of hotel mattresses. 

  1. Single rooms: Single rooms are also divided into standard single rooms and deluxe single rooms. The sizes are generally 1500mm*2000mm and 1800mm*2000mm.

  2. Double rooms: This is related to the hotel level, usually 1200mm*2000mm. There is also a part of 1350mm*2000mm.

  3. Luxury single room: This type of room has a large space and a large bed.

The above three types are generally 2000mm*2200mm. The above three types are common bed types, and the size of the beds in general families are also different. , How thick are the hotel mattresses? In order to achieve high-quality comfort, the hotel mattresses are no less than 20 cm. Better hotels even choose soft and hard smart mattresses. , That is, the customer can control the hardness.

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