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Have you Vaccinated?


Get the COVID-19 vaccine.

Encourage all people get the COVID-19 vaccine

In China, all kind of enterprise and people who has work, need to follow the rules to get the vaccine. Taking 2 times to finish the vaccination, 28days apart of 2 times. Our company Synwin and Rayson's staffs all get the vaccinated. Since now ,oversea's epidecmic situation still very serious. So we have to keep do well on the epidemic prevention work, and cooperate the work of the goverment. I believe that, we can do better in the near future. Welcome all clients over the world place order, business keep working and moving on! We will do our best to provide good service and support on the goods, deliver container on time!

More e-catalogue and information:mattress5@raysonchina.com

Celine Chen.                                                                               

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